Feb 9

Mysterious Huntsman: Overcoming A Dogman Attack

Mysterious Huntsman writes “Tonight I have a special extended episode! We will hear from Rick with The American Cryptid Research Team who has had his own Dogman encounters, as well helping “Leigh” from Europe who was violently attacked by a Dogman years ago, and still having encounters!”

5 Responses to “Mysterious Huntsman: Overcoming A Dogman Attack”

  1. Richard W

    Wes, thanks for this program with Rick and Leigh sharing their experiences with the Dogman. Rick is very credible and has developed a number of theories that allows him to assist people who are trying to deal with an encounter. Leigh, thank you for sharing your story. You are also very credible.

  2. Brian H

    Unfortunately, Ricardo isn’t very credible at all. When he started playing the circuit ( shows like this) Ricardo felt a bit over empowered . When he hit social media and started infiltrating FB groups, he went a bit overboard because he suffers from Small man complex (ask Wes.. as a former bouncer he knows) His information is noted.

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