Nov 21

My journey with monsters

If you are looking for comedic relief look no further. C Wayne Wilson the man who films bushes in the Bigfoot World.

Stacy Brown writes “Here’s a film I directed a few years back. It stars a fella named C.Wayne Wilson. Now Wayne sees things from Bigfoot all the way to Anubis in this city park by his house. Are they really there or is he imagining things? Come along on this enjoyable adventure and see for yourself in “My Journey with Monsters!!”

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  1. STEVE W

    I once asked a question, And wish Wess would ask every caller, How many that has seen bigfoot has also seen spirits? (Ghosts) I was surprised at the answer. But I do think BF will be subtle with those who can, And will raise hell with those that cannot,
    Meaning if you are in tune with your 6th, You can feel you should leave when your not wanted around, Those that dont get the bad end of the encounter. You nature determines how your treated if you are not welcome. I think they are attracted to kids because they have a loving personality,,, The encounter I had this year was like a slow reveal, One day I stepped out of the truck and felt eyes and semi hostility, Next time there I turned around quickly and seen one, Thinking it was just my imagination I carried on, The next week I heard tree knocks at sunrise, The following day I was in a deer stand and heard two owl calls that made me laugh, After that two knocks, Then the last day they was around I was in my stand and heard a knock right to my left, So I was looking to the left, directly to my right I heard a low growl, I looked down and noticed my bow was pointing in that direction, Then it just occurred to me the one on the left wanted to pass me and the one on right was warning me. I simply said I dont want to see you so ill look down, Go ahead and pass, not two minutes later I heard a double knock to the right but behind me, I knew I could look up, More too the story but its so dam crazy, All I can say is they can hear you speaking basically speaking to yourself. I also warned them deer gun season was coming, The next weekend they wasnt around, Or they didnt let me know they was around, Besides the growl what scared me the worst was being paced step for step in the dark, But when I said Hey your freaking me out please stop, It did .
    I skipped a lot of the story about how I interacted every time I felt something around and why they needed to pass by me and not around me. But I was on public hunting land, And that day a bunch of deer hunters showed up,

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