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My Bigfoot encounter by Sean Green

Hello all.
I would like to share my experience regarding my personal sighting. I will try to be as detailed as possible without being boring so bear with me…

Sighting: 15-20 feet
Location: Huntsville, Ontario near otter lake
Duration: Aprox two minutes total
Time: Early morning, daybreak
Season: Summer

I am from Michigan. We went to this cabin our family friends owned in Huntsville. Our group consisted of two adult women and four children. I was 12 at the time. If you Google map the local, you will see that it is surrounded by hundreds of miles of timber and undeveloped land.

This cabin set empty all year round unless occupied briefly by our family friend and or their guests. Aprox 100 feet from the cabin door stood the beautiful lake. The entire area was surrounded by old growth forest and there wasn’t a neighbor within 10-20 miles. Town was roughly 15 miles away so we were secluded. We arrived late night, took in our gear and slept. Upon seeing the light of day, I hurriedly gathered my little tackle box and fishing pole and headed out the door towards the lake. I was excited to fish, being from the city I didn’t get to fish often. Everyone else in the cabin was still asleep so I estimate the time around 6:00 6:30.

As I walked down the path towards the lake, with the cabin at my back.. I experienced the most powerful sensation of being “watched” I have to this day ever felt. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. It was so pervasive, I instinctively turned around fully expecting to see someone directly behind me! I turned and looked, the path behind me was empty.. but my attention was immediately drawn to the large boulder that jutted out of the ground ( approximately 6-7 feet out of the ground) next to the cabin. That’s when I saw it… its was peeking out from the side of the boulder!

Now mind you.. Ive camped up North in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan all my life. I have seen bears, wolverines, bobcats and all kinds of creatures. This was different. I stood there and just stared at what I can only explain as a large dark face with big shiny eyes staring at me. It moved slightly behind the rock, maybe hoping I hadn’t seen it. Oh but I did.. it peeked back out and stayed that way for a minute.. probably wondering what I was going to do next. I held my ground, I wanted to see what this thing was!!! The forest line was about 20-25 feet away on all sides so it wasn’t gonna slip away easy. It must have realized that as well, because no sooner did I think that.. it just stood straight up.

The top of the boulder came to about the top of its stomach. Its chest, shoulders, head and easily cleared it. I estimate it between 8-9 feet tall! It was massive! Its head looked small in comparison to its shoulder width. They had to be about 4-5 feet across. Heavily muscled yet lean. The hair wasn’t very long, maybe 4-5 inches all over. Dark brown. The face was human looking. It reminded me of an aborigine, like from Australia. Hair covered except around the eyes. The skin was a medium gray color. It had a very pronounced conical shaped head with the hair extending all the way to brow ridge. Eyes were black and shiny. I could see them move as he looked me over. Mouth/lips wide and thin.

And there we were… neither of us moved for about 20-30 seconds. I think we were both in shock. Amazingly, I was not afraid at all at that moment! I did not feel threatened nor was its posture aggressive. Its did not make any sounds.. or show its teeth… just stared. Then, it just turned… without taking its eyes off me, and took three steps and it was in the timber line. Its “steps” were weird and very long. It kinda hopped-stepped, while swinging its arms. It cleared open grass to that tree line in a split second.. but the way it walked and swung its arms looked like slow motion. Graceful, yet weird. As it went into the forest, it started breaking branches, trees it sounded like as it made its way deeper into the woods. That was the only time I was scared. It sounded like it was tearing the whole forest down in there. Wood was snappin and cracking like gun shots it was so loud. In retrospect.. I think it was doing that so I wouldn’t follow it… and I didn’t!!!! I ran back up to the cabin and woke my Mom up and told her what I saw. There was no misidentifying that! It was Bigfoot!! I will never forget that encounter.. and I remember it as if it was yesterday. Thanks for reading my sighting.

Below is a drawing I did of the creature…. truly looked more human than ape.


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  1. Rick F

    What a great story !! Love the picture. Would love it if there were sketch artists that would draw what people with this kind of sighting see. Then compile them to get a idea of the many faces of sasquatch .

  2. Charles R

    Put the right hat on this guy and it looks like Borris Bedenov. This area of Ontario close to the Georgian Bay is ripe with Bigfoot encounters.
    I find the most interesting part is the way he describes the movement to the forest. Having played the Brown thermal a hundred times If you look closely at the Stacy Brown thermal we have discussed they both are incorporating the same fast but fluid movement with the arm swing and hop step.

  3. Jay T

    Anthony, I type in the Search bar at bottom of any episode, “SC EP:?” for the given episode that typically found at bottom of search result. Also, I did a Google search for “My Bigfoot Encounter Sean Green” and came up with a Pinterest site with excellent Bigfoot drawing attributed to a Sean Green” that would bet is the one. Excellent episode and SC podcast. Thanks Wes.

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