Oct 11

Mutants, Aliens & Angels Are Walking Among Us

I was fascinated by this presentation. I have done a couple of Nephilim shows, so if you enjoyed those shows you will enjoy this presentation. I know Duke and I have done a couple of mountain giant shows. Could they still be alive today?

I realize most of my audience is not interested in this but I thought I would post it anyways.

12 Responses to “Mutants, Aliens & Angels Are Walking Among Us”

  1. Jon T

    Good job Wes just like the story of the two brothers The way they got rid of them is someone had to pray they have literally surrounded my whole valley that I live in here in Helena Montana I guess I’m neighbors with Duke He’s got them all over there too This stuff isn’t going away it’s ramping up there’s only one way out

  2. Charles R

    In UFOology, looking into abduction cases one comes upon a much larger race, in the 7 foot range and possibly taller. They are described as being fair skinned and blue eyed and have taken on the identity of being called the Nordics. If I was looking for ancient to modern day Giants I would start here. Strange messed up stuff indeed.

  3. Duke S

    Interesting presentation, although he seems to postulate another general incursion of fallen ones mating with humans after the flood, but if some of the giants avoided THE FLOOD by being underground, you don’t need that explanation as to why they came back again, AND it explains why they were not Titan size AFTER THE FLOOD and continued to diminish in stature, because it was giants inbreeding with human, not angels doing it again; so each generation the bloodline was more dilute, the giants got smaller, and their lifespans were shorter, IMHO. Otherwise, agree 100%.

  4. Pete M

    Wes I loved those shows, it’s okay to mix in other topics every now and then. If it’s not something someone wants to hear then turn it off, we get two shows a week anyway.

  5. Derek R

    The tribulation is close. Jesus Christ is coming back soon!!! And all of mankind will be judged. Experience true freedom. Freedom from the bondage of sin….we have ALL sinned. Ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness…make him your Lord and Savior!!! What do you have to lose?? Being a”Good person” isnt enough, because your measuring your version of good to Gods version of good. No one can be perfect and sinless….thats why in order to be in Gods presence we need Jesus Christ…Gods perfect sacrifice. If I offen any of you…its not my intention…if anything i care deeply for each and every one of you…and want everyone to experience the life changing Grace of God

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