Oct 12

It took off into the woods

Here is a report from Salem County, NJ that happen in 2012: “I was driving home from my girl friends house in Pennsgrove, NJ.

I was between Pedrick Town and Auburn when I was approaching a stop sign I noticed something reflective by a telephone pole. I thought it was reflectors on the pole itself but as I grew closer I realized the size and stature of the figure. What I thought were reflectors were eyes and it took off into the woods. I got out of the truck right at the pole and heard grunting a screech and a grunt off into the woods. Anyone familiar with the area knows it is woodsy and remote.”

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Eric Spinner:

I spoke to Kyle by phone, and was able to learn more details about the incident that occurred on his way home that night.

As he approached the stop sign, he saw the individual run from the passenger side of his truck to the left very quickly, and It froze behind a telephone pole directly in front of him.

It stood there for maybe 5 -7 seconds, swaying back and forth, and then ran into the woods behind it. He told me that it appeared to step over a drainage ditch to get into the woods line. He was approximately 20 – 25 feet away from the individual at the time he was observing it. He pulled up to the telephone pole, rolled down his window, and shone his flashlight into the woods, but couldn’t see anything. He remembers smelling a musky odor, but didn’t think much of it at the time. He heard a grunting sound and a screech, but no apparent crashing noises one would expect from a large animal going through the trees. He also noticed a dead deer in the farm field to his left.

Additional details about the description of the individual:
Stood slightly hunched over, and estimated the height to be about 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 feet tall.
Could see its arms hanging down to about its knees. Could see hands, not paws. Definitely could see that it had feet as well when it took off.
Dark brown to black hair, about 4 inches in length, and matted. Similar to an animal with its winter coat.
Very broad shoulders and no visible neck. The head appeared to sit right on the shoulders. Could not see any facial features.
The reflector he thought was on the pole was actually eyeshine from the creature in front of him. His truck was aimed directly at the telephone pole, and the headlights were shining towards the individual.
Keep in mind that these types of events happen very quickly, and the whole thing lasted only about 30 seconds.

Kyle is an avid hunter, and is familiar with the known wildlife of this area. He has lived in the area all of his life, and has never had any other experiences like this. The area consists of vast farm fields mixed together with tracts of woods. There are plenty of sources of food, water, and coverage to support an as of yet undiscovered primate. When he told his ex about it she thought he was crazy, and other friends he told also ridiculed him. He is now a LEO, and is trained in observing things and exacting details, but at the time of the encounter was a young man on his way home after a date. I found him to be genuine and credible.


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  1. Daniel D

    Wow, that’s one of the best sightings Ive heard of in Salem County NJ. Most of the sightings around here are from the pine barrens area. It’s so strange how you can live somewhere for so long under the assumption that nothing like Bigfoot could exist in this part of the country but since I’ve started researching this area I’ve come to realize that indeed they are here, for me it took a possible sighting with my own two eyes in Wharton State Forest to make me realize they actually are in South Jersey. I think that is a testament to these things ability to hide and to their intellect.

    • joe r

      Daniel D., I am from the area of wharton state forest, i just interviewed someone not far from there who had a sighting, multiple people saw the creature. Can you contact me at bigfootjoe64@gmail.com i would like to speak to you about your experiences in that area. Thx.

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