Apr 4

MonsterQuest: Sasquatch Attack II

History writes “Something has been attacking a remote cabin in Northern Ontario, Canada – and it may have left behind a blood trail. DNA analysis suggests that the creature is a non-human primate.”

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  1. Charles R

    I remember this episode, loved the Monster Quest in the late 2000’s and their several episode on Sasquatch was a driving force for me to go whole hog on this subject. And the Snell Grove Lake shows were fantastic. Expedition co leader along with Dr. Meldrum was U of M ( Minnesota ) biologist Curt Nelson. He took the time and procedures to get DNA results showing primate of unknown origins ( that is it matched nothing in the DNA database ). And yet Todd Disotell said samples were to degraded to get results.

  2. Jeremiah S

    This is the one episode of Monster Quest that I would never forget. Was the guy 1:34 in. His shear fear almost bringing him to tears. There was no way that guy was lying. That’s was evidence enough for me to believe.

  3. Craig T

    This video is not available to watch here in Germany. Can anyone please give some info on what video it is so I can try and watch it elsewhere? Thanks in advance!

  4. Janetta V

    Brought back some great memories of those old “Monster Quest” shows. This was one of my favorites. Wish they could start up a new series like this. Thanks Wes.

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