May 25

Momo: The Missouri Bigfoot Monster of 1971

During the summer of 1972, newspapers all across the country picked up the story of “Momo”. Momo is a short abbreviation of Missouri. MO is the abbreviation, and when you say this shortened name twice, you get the word Momo.

This United States monster story happened in a small town that is located in northeast Missouri. During July of 1971 is when the first reported encounter happened with Momo, the Missouri monster. It all started when there were two people out for a picnic when they witnessed a “half ape half man” creature. The creature reportedly had an awful smell to it.

The couple said the monster walked out of an area of thicket, and then started to come towards them. They ran into their car and locked the doors. The couple say the creature ate the peanut butter sandwich they left when they ran into the car. After eating the sandwhich, the creature went back into the wooded area.

The two women, who were the two at the picnic, reported this encounter with the police. The police did not reveal this monster encounter with the public. After more reports came in of the Momo monster, police finally released information to the public a year after the first reported sighting.

Another sighting of Momo happened when three kids saw the monster. They reported that Momo was six to seven feet tall and it was black and hairy. It also was covered with blood and was carrying a dead dog. Later after that encounter, a neighbor in the area reported hearing strange growls nearby, then his new dog had vanished.



Source:Jerome Clark “Unexplained!” 1993

8 Responses to “Momo: The Missouri Bigfoot Monster of 1971”

  1. Debbie C

    What does it take to report something of this nature
    to be released as a “high alert status” to the entire public?
    If these very same people witness a deranged person
    grasping a dead dog, the police and TV crew would be
    approaching them for more information.

  2. Dave T

    I read about a hunter sighting of MoMo that was awesome. He got to observe it feeding on acorns and nuts at a good distance through his high powered scope on his rifle. It never knew he was watching it and the hunter got to see a lot of details. He watched it until it called to another one the hunter couldn’t see and it finally left. I think that sighting is on the bfro

  3. Bethany H

    I remember this well. I lived in Illinois at the time, about a 30 minute drive from the Missouri border. We had our own creature as well: the Big Muddy Monster. That was a year later in 1973. That was what got me interested in Bigfoot to begin with.

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