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Minister Captures Possible ‘Baby Sasquatch’ Sounds

I have posted this before but I thought we should revisit it. Listener “Sandie” sent this to me. The article states:

TUSCALOOSA, Ala.– A woman on Sunday provided audio of what she thinks are the cries of a ‘baby Bigfoot’ and her dog being “hit” by a protective “Momma Bigfoot”.

Mary K. Scruggs, an Alabama minister from the North River area, told Cryptozoology News that she was in her upstairs bedroom watching television when she heard the sounds the night of Dec. 4.

“My bathroom is on the back side of the house, and I always keep my window open to let a little fresh air in. At about 10:27 p.m., I could hear something out back, and it was loud enough that in the next room with the TV going I could hear it,” she explained. “At this time it was crying continuously. The whole time I am standing there I am thinking where is Sledge my German Shepherd.. He goes ninety to nothing when he hears the slightest noise.”

Scruggs estimates the creature was about 300 feet away from her residence.

The 1-minute-long  audio recording contains a series of high-pitched unidentified animal calls followed by dog barks and a yelp.

“I believe it is a baby Bigfoot. If you listen closely to the audio, at one point it sounds like it said ‘hey‘,” said the minister.

“From the start it was crying steadily, then like it was being comforted. Like a Mother would comfort her child. Slowly, it got quieted down and stopped crying. That is when I heard Sledge–the dog– jump off the porch barking charging down there. I guess he thought it was gone. I believe when he got down there he got hit ! I believe Momma Bigfoot hit him ! He lets out a loud yelp, barks one more time, and he runs to jump on the porch again. After Sledge came back up to the porch I ran downstairs to check him out. He had no bite marks or claw marks. That’s how I knew he had been hit.”

Scruggs says that even though this is the first time she has heard the “cries”, she has also been noticing strange activity around her property since March 2012.

Black bears are rare in Alabama, although there have been some reported sightings in the northeastern part of the state.

“Had it been a Bear that night, well, Sledge would be dead if he got to close to her cub. Whatever it was down there with it had to be big and bad for him to be scared of it, like a mama. I believe it was a female Bigfoot with her baby. German Shepherds are very sensitive to different types of sounds. Also Bigfoots can mimic different animals and birds,” she said.

And she is not the only one to make claims about Bigfoot’s animal impersonation abilities. Just ten days ago, a miner from southwestern Oregon stated that he had encountered a group of Bigfoot creatures capable of recreating crow caws.

The next morning, says the minister, she walked to the area where the sounds had originated the night before and came across a few dome-shaped “nests” she suspects the creatures use as shelters.

Scruggs, who is also a field researcher for the Alabama Bigfoot Society, provided Cryptozoology News with a few pictures of the alleged structures.

Dorothy Sullivan, co-founder of the research organization, has been investigating Scruggs’ property for a while and also asserts the cries found in the audio file are those of a “young Bigfoot”.

“The recordings I have compared this to do not match that of a bear. We also looked at fox and coyote. As far as bears hibernating, the weather here has not been cold enough to ensure that they would. I am still reviewing other animal recordings for comparison,” she told Cryptozoology News.

“It appears to be the cries of a young Bigfoot, possibly of a new born crying for his mother,” Sullivan explained, although she is also open to suggestions from readers and listeners that help identify the sounds “as another creature”.


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11 Responses to “Minister Captures Possible ‘Baby Sasquatch’ Sounds”

  1. SantiamLady

    Wow…… All I can say is how listening to This audio effected my ‘gut’.
    The first cries kind of tugged at me….. A female response to a crying infant or child…. Although clearly NOT a human baby, my ‘gut’ reacted as ‘close enough’. I had a brief impulse to find the little one an comfort it! (Good way to get killed by Momma, but our ‘guts’ react on Instinct.) Now…..had I been there, live, My intellect would have over-ridden the ‘gut’ reaction to find and comfort, since, ????????while clearly a baby crying, it is also clearly NOT a human baby.????

    A bit into the audio, The baby seems to settle, And so did my ‘gut’ impulse to find and comfort. Someone, Momma?, already had. Then the dog barking and charging…..I cringed……then the clear, Yelp!, from the dog, And its retreat.

    The woman is very lucky to still have her dog, As Sasquatch often kill dogs in brutal fashion. The dog is probably alive because Momma had her arms full of frightened child! It sounds to me like the dog was KICKED by the Momma when he got to close, because Momma’s arms were full. ????
    If you were holding a frightened, crying child in your arms when a dog charged you, would you put the baby down to fight the dog? No! You would wrap the child protectively in both arms and kick at the charging dog with your feet. ???? I think that’s what happened, and is why dog survived. Dogs don’t generally do too well if a Sasquatch gets their hands on them!

    Lucky dog! ????

  2. DonRay

    Not sure what that was… lucky dog.. i found my dog hog-tied and hanging by her paws, about a foot off the ground… and she was scared.. What ever did it, did it just before i got home, thank god… her feet had swollen.. but she recovered… also it is the exact spot where my son, myself and the dog got screamed at… by something,,, still never have been able to identify;;; Squatch-on!


    I just had to listen to it again. Someone was bound to capture a recording of a baby BF crying. Out of all of the vocalizations and some of juveniles, this was the only one I came across. I’m convinced as I’ve not heard another like it. Thanks Wes for posting!

  4. Ruth B

    I’m inclined to suspect a person, rather than a squatch, hogtied your dog. It feels like a person who wants to exact revenge.
    It doesn’t seem like a bigfoot would go to that trouble–they would just do something a little quicker. Amazon sells a mini-
    recorder for ~$20 and it’ll record up to 7 or 8 hours. Anytime you leave the house, turn it on and hide it near the dog. I
    put one on my disabled son and found out the teacher was hitting him in the head in the bathroom. Wonderful little device.

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