Jun 2

Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival

The Second Annual Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival is happening June 25 and 26, 2022! Bigfoot researchers were outside to meet and greet fans when not indoors presenting their research to the ticket holders.

​And the rest was FREE!

Over 60 vendors from around the country and live music in the town’s park

Food: beef barbacoa, pork carnitas, and vegetarian/vegan as far as types go, burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, espresso during the morning, seasoned sausage, hamburgers, hotdogs, pulled pork sandwiches all over town (Cutter, Legion, Park), Teriyaki, Indian tacos, elephant ears. (And a beer garden at the American Legion.)


Check out the event here: https://www.mfbigfoot.com/

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  1. Glen K

    (New Jersey) I’m Hungry just reading about all the food!! I bet this Festival will be a Blast– IF you live on the West Coast!! What’s wrong with the Eastern portion of the country?? What are we? Chopped Liver?? Oh well, Have Fun!!

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