Oct 29

Man finds hidden TWRA camera on his property

WATE 6 On Your Side writes “Camden resident Hunter Hollingsworth found a TWRA hidden camera on his property.”

9 Responses to “Man finds hidden TWRA camera on his property”

  1. Jordan T

    He’s right too. You’re going against a stacked and likely corrupt deck to start with. They’re all buddies and the average person doesn’t stand a chance unless other entities step in to help.

  2. schlad

    What kind of people work for these agencies? Most people would have more morals, they are obviously very sad lonely people who do join them who would want them as friends or family? Karma is your Life as a result of your actions, it’s not coming to get them, they live it everyday.
    Love and Peace for all ❤️☮️

  3. Charles R

    No one or agency should have any right to place a camera on your property and what was the purpose – period. And he is correct in that they have the money and lawyers to drive you into poverty trying to fight them. I am most happy the landowners won Spanky. Every year this country gets more Orwellian.

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