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Local 4 Michigan: Bigfoot

Local 4 writes “The mythos of Bigfoot is alive and well in Michigan. I recently stumbled upon a TikTok page of a Michigan man who says he’s exchanging gifts with a mysterious creature, which he thinks could be the elusive Sasquatch.

Casey Dostert didn’t want to reveal where in Michigan he lives but he says it’s in the Upper Lower Peninsula.”

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  1. Andrew S

    Couldn’t help re-posting my remarks from a few years ago regarding the UP of Michigan after seeing this video on the UPBSRO. The more I’ve seen/heard about the UP, the more i’m convinced that Yoopers are pretty tight-lipped about the subject. Many thanks to guys like Wes and Steve Isdahl for bringing peoples experiences out to the masses.

    Early 90’s on my way back from Tech after picking up my GF we broke down near a small town called Seney. Locals in the UP were fast to stop and render assistance. Never thought about it too much until I started listening to SC. Got the car fixed and it was probably 6 or 7 PM. in March, so it had been dark for a while. We decided to grab a few hours of sleep in the car just off a main road and then get an early start to head back downstate in the morning. Being poor college students with no money and no visible hotels/motels nearby, it was such a rural area we thought we had it figured out. About a half hour after getting settled our mechanic comes down the road, sees us and pulls next to us. He gets out and asks us what’s going on. We told him the plan and he frankly said no way. Took us to an older local couples old “motel” in the woods that had like 4 units. He has the conversation with the older gentleman in front of us and tells him our plan and how that wasn’t going to work. He convinces the older gentleman to give us a room because “they can’t stay out there”. To make a longer story short, we were so creeped out we did not sleep that night. Just something eerie about the place and area it was in. Heard strange noises pretty much all night. We didn’t dare look outside or sleep a wink. At first light we were on the road and talked about the night for the remainder of our journey home. Makes me wonder maybe what the locals knew about at the time, as I have now seen that the Seney Wildlife area has quite a few reports on the BFRO database. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Probably a ton of unreported sightings up in the Houghton/Marquette,/Munising areas.

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