Feb 3

Chinese spy balloon spotted over Western U.S., Pentagon says

Pentagon officials say they are tracking a suspected Chinese spy balloon that has been flying over the U.S. The balloon was over Montana on Wednesday.

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  1. Mark R

    Apparently the powers at be said they didn’t want to shoot it down over populated areas to protect the citizens on the ground. Then it came out that they’ve been tracking it since Alaska so that throws that explanation out the window.

    • Charles R

      I’m sure it has been tracked since leaving the Chinese mainland. When it became abundantly clear it was going going to cross into soverign North American Territory it should have been brought down. My guess is it has sophisticated cameras and can capture much better pictures of the ICBM silos in Montana and even ND. Or it could just be a trial ballon with nothing special except for the Chi coms to analyze how we react. There is always that potential for either biological warfare or EMP bombs that would shut down our electrical grid and much more. There are around 400 of them in this plains area containing minuteman iii missles. Back in the 60s with first the Atlas and then minuteman I missles many (probably all if truth is known) were systems shut down by UFOs at one time or another all the way to Maine. Same happened to the Soviet ICBMs. I am beyond mad we have not taken it down, but with this Chinese owned adminstration, not the least bit surprised. In fact the President has not even mentioned it. Instead they put some general out to give a press briefing on Friday and he told us nothing. Reports are there was another one crossing over Central America.

  2. Bill F

    They knew when this thing was crossing the Pacific. They had every opportunity to shoot the damn thing down. It is currently at a bit over 60k feet. An aircraft lauched missile could splash it.
    It has not been done because we have inept, incompetent, traitors in elected office. The main idiot is owned by the nation that is doing this. Let that sink in.. they own bidens ass, they have paid handsomely, lots of money, to his crack addled offspring to give him for the pleasure of threatening the entire population of this country.

    Our defenses have been destroyed by assholes who are more concerned with the color of someones skin and sexual deviencies than they are about protecting this country from hostile threats.
    If you voted for this shitshow, you are contemptible.. and a supreme idiot. And a traitor to your country and her people.
    We all know the game was rigged, the votes were rigged and we were lied to. But there are still those that were STUPID enough to vote for this lifelong criminal scumbag.
    China paid for and helped those willing to turn on you, now they sit in positions of power and expect you to be d over for their masters.
    They should all be hanging from gallows, including any that voted for and supported them.
    You are on your own, you do not have a functional government.. those of us with the sense to see what has happened will have our houses in order and be prepared for the hardships that are coming because of all of the feckless cowards who have deceived everyone.

    Those that have played this game with them can die in a fire, starve in the streets and just disappear… One way or another. When the blowback from their actions hits them, in whatever form it may take, I won’t give a tinkers damn.

    The people who did this are not Americans, I don’t care what county they reside in.

    This thing could be carrying a biological weapon that is being spread across the country (Gee… haven’t seen that before have we??) , it could be an EMP device, it could be a myriad of harmful things.. it is most likely a GPR that is being used to get a good look at our DUMBs.

    Regardless.. look up at the THREAT over your heads and realize you have been sold out.

    Time to grow a spine and alienate, ostracize, criticize and get rid of any that support the people who allowed this.. it is critical to the survival of our nation..

  3. James N

    and if the roles were reversed….there’d be a US balloon with a large hole floating somewhere in the pacific. (and the only thing out of the libs mouths would be we killed a tuna with the debris lol). This govt is weak sauce. A foreign nation’s vessel comes into our air space and they say…..”well, we’re just gonna let this one pass on through”.
    Is there an air force “escort”? Have they even buzzed it to gather intel on what its doing?

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