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Japan Airlines 1628 UFO Encounter

Think Anomalous writes “UFO sightings amongst airline pilots are relatively common, but the sightings of Japan Airlines flight 1628 on November 17, 1986 are notable for the wealth of supporting evidence. An official FAA investigation revealed cockpit recordings, radar data, and eyewitness interviews that all attest to a truly remarkable encounter, and an official government cover-up.”

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  1. Ron S

    First sighting description sounds similar to one in England in 1997. Kinda looks like a version of the Tie Fighter from StarWars with its twin ion engines.

    Funny thing about ions, you look up ionizing radiation and some articles say specifically as an example that microwave ovens give these off, other articles say these types of ovens use non-ionizing radiation… Ummm, ok.

    It’s funny to look at UFO/UAP reports and see how the different spacecraft designs have changed over the years. Personally, I like the old ones from the 50’s where it looked like two tin pie-plates stuck together with a glass bubble on top and three sticks for legs, a bell or an acorn shape, then once the space craze started to really happen in magazines, tv and media when real artists got involved you got additional shapes such as boomerangs, triangles, molten spheres dripping lava and all kinds of different things… nowadays pretty much anything goes, including flying V’s, globe in a cube, flying breath mints and jellyfish too, oh my!

    Apparently the “Greys” still like to put their faces in the windows of the cockpit though, just in case you had any doubts who was driving I guess. Show-offs.

    Yeah idk, they don’t make’em like they use to imo. Aliens should stick with one good design, instead of trying to keep up with our imaginations through our artistry all the time.

    I wonder what shape we’ll see next? Nothing would surprise me… Not even a UAP that looks like a giant leg-lamp straight outta The Christmas Story movie. 🙃

    “The old mans eyes boggled, overcome by art”. 👀

    • Charles R

      Liked your post Ron. Indeed, the initial phase starting with Kenneth Arnold in June of 1947, where labled saucers, by Arnold and that description stuck for many years. Although he called them this as the 9 he saw in formation seemed to skip across the sky at speeds he deemed to be, I think somewhere from 12 to 17 hundred miles per hour and Ken was an accomplished pilot in the air at that time. And they were shaped like the pie tins you described, but not many with bubble tops. This Flight 1628 has been done numerous time on the History and other channels for the past 2 plus decades. A 45 minute adventure of sheer terror as the main craft which was circular in appearance with bright light and thought to be about a mile in diameter, and made circles around there airliner. It was recored on 2 different radars. The head of the FAA at that time and investigated the case, became a true believer after this and still to this day.

      • Ron S

        Thanks Charles R. Isn’t it a funny coincidence that they were originally called “saucers”? In proper English a “saucer” is something that one human would serve to another human in giving them something to drink, or drink in, in a more visually appealing way… And why would these craft have or need lights on them? Surely they don’t need headlights when we ourselves have radar. Is it just for show when we are “supposed” to notice or acknowledge them at some specific time? Are the lights more than just lights, possibly causing some kind of effect within the human brain such as an illusion or memory loss perhaps?

        If they want to be noticed so badly and are so technologically advanced or superior, why don’t they commonly hover just off the ground right out in the plain sight in broad daylight all the time where everyone can see them, so they can be as apparently and commonly experienced as well as we know our own gravity exists?

        Why do all these strange phenomena require “believers”? Think about and “drink that in” for a moment.

  2. Ron S

    There is truly only one path, one rule, one conscience direction of thought that everyone on Earth and everything in it would most definitely only gain benefit from, by first “believing” in and then knowing and experiencing. 🌞🙏🏼

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