Jun 30

It Was Standing Over My Friends Tent

A listener writes “Hi I just started listening to your podcast.. I wanted to share my experience last September in Kings Canyon National Park.

We horsebacked in about 10 miles and hiked out 3 days later. On the second night I went out to relive myself..it must of been about 1 or 2 am. A soon as I came out of my tent I saw a white cloud about 3 x3 ft wide cylinder it seemed to be attracted to me and came close across my stomach I stepped back ..and it then continued on and floated into the trees…I quickly went and came back and as I came up to our campsite I saw a dark tall 8-9 ft…I describe like a monolith thought it look like it had a head and shoulder but still square looking…standing over my friends tent…I almost felt like it was looking on it…it was darker than dark.

The cloud looked really bright the Monolith was very square looking and it left me wondering about shape and it’s stillness and could it have been a Sasquatch. Would be great to hear your thoughts.”

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    • Norm B

      After 68 years of keeping my encounter to myself, Wes interviewed and I finally told my story (episode 616). After that I told my wife my story, she called me crazy and asked me to stop making up spooky stories.

      I told a friend who is a retired RCMP, and his comment was that my story was interesting. He said nothing more. I have told my story to my foot doctor, and he called me s liar. He asked me why we don’t find the bones and remains of these Bigfoot creatures. The only explanation that I could give him was that they possibly bury their dead because they are a form of human being according to DNA test conducted by Melba Ketchum, and the for us that they live in has a tendency to decompose everything that falls on the forest floor. my foot doctor is no different than many other people who just can’t believe that something like Bigfoot exist. But, I will tell you this much folks I have seen one, I have been within 50 feet of one and I have not seen one since I was 14 years old and I can tell my story everytime with great because it’s etched in my memory and there’s nothing that’s going to take it of my memory bank. So no matter how many times I tell the story I tell it the same way because that’s the way it happened, it’s the way I told it the first time when Wes took my statements and let me tell my story.

      The people who believe my story are retired from the California Highway Patrol, guys I work with back in the 60s and 70s in LA. These guys have moved on in their retirement and live and remote places in Northern California in and around Mount Shasta and mount Lassen. These friends have seen the footprints across state highways where Bigfoot cross the road running and cleared an 80ft Road in about three steps. The scottsquatch in all of the wildlife in that area IHOP near Weaverville California were running for their lives because there was a great forest fire that was burning at a speed of about 35 miles an hour due to the wind. So when these creatures ran across the road which was the state highway they only left three footprints and I cleared the road from one side of to the other. These guys believe me and I believe them because Sasquatch is out there and maybe someday I’ll see when I can.

  1. Jay T

    Thanks for sharing Norm. Do not listen to the skeptics as you know what you saw. I expect most all of us here on SC believe you whether we have seen one of the creatur3 or not. Your CHP buddies are among the most credible witnesses.

    Here’s a funny account. I have a good friend and major Bigfoot skeptic who told me he had a possible encounter near Broken Bow OK where limbs were snapped while the group was out drinking at 1am in the outdoor hot tub near woods. My friend initially told me the story and related that there could be something to the bigfoot story. But, two weeks later he had convinced himself that a Broken Bow tourism group had orchestrated the large tree branch breaks to promote bigfoot tourism. He concluded that microphones and stereo systems had been set up in the woods with plastic covering to protect from the elements even though his search the next day resulted in no wires or electronics, but large tree breaks from trees that looked to have been brought into the area. Who is the sane or crazy person in this account? Ha!

  2. m99

    ~ That’s why we use a portable potty, unless something else has to be done outside. The last time I had to walk to the John down a long wooded dirt road at night, with a flashlight, I griped the whole time. I felt somehow more secure because I had a flashlight. I insisted on a porta-potty for the tent. I don’t want to go outside at night unless it’s lit up, and there’s no lights where we camp. One time I came outside to use the potty tent, and noticed how quite it was. I insisted the potty goes inside at night after that.

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