May 25

It happened so quick and it was moving so fast

A listener writes “I went to commercial dive school in Seattle in 2011. Knowing that they were in the pacific northwest, I spent time researching and talking with many people from the pacific northwest in regards to the subject. I hiked multiple areas in the Olympic Peninsula and Mount Rainer and never had a sighting…

After graduating from dive school, I drove to Florida to start my dive career. I left Seattle at 5 PM on little to no sleep. My plan was to drive through the night and make it as far as I could. As I was driving through a mountain pass on I90 in Idaho, I had a possible encounter. I was passing a large truck. As my front tires were about even with his back tires, he suddenly slammed on the brakes. I glanced to the right as would most due to the instant lock up of the brakes. As I looked back toward the road, I noticed a large creature standing on two legs dart in front of both vehicles. Honestly, It happened so quick and it was moving so fast that I really can’t say it was or wasn’t a sasquatch. The driver of the truck stopped completely and I continued driving wondering if the lack of sleep was causing delusions or if I had really seen what I thought I saw. I’m not sure my encounter is up to par with other witnesses on your show however, I felt compelled to share.”

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