Dec 26

It had red on or around its teeth

A listener writes “We have some things going on at my house. Strange noises I have recorded. My six year old told me she saw a Sasquatch at her window before. It had creepy red eyes. It was black but had brown hair mixed in. It’s nose was flat. It scratched at their window. It hides, meaning it disappears and then appears I believe she means it ducks down and then stands up. She also said, and this is the wierd or creepy part, that it had blood on its teeth. I asked what she meant and she said it had red on or around its teeth. She also said it motions to them like come with him.

The blood on its teeth sounded out of place and I know she’s young but when she told me this I believed her. I wonder if you’ve heard this before?

This is the same girl who told me when she was three she saw a “monkey bear” with red eyes and a flat nose. She had a fever when she said this but I believed her and what is a monkey bear with red eyes and a flat nose? I have pics of foot prints, hair, and recordings from my house. I have a pic of what I think is a Sasquatch a guy gave me two-three miles from my house. If you can’t look into these or want to talk that’s fine but have you or anyone else heard of this type of behavior and details my daughter told me? Activity at my house has gone way down and I believe they keep their distance from us but we still hear them and experience things from time to time.

Any feedback you could give me would be appreciated or if you had someone I could talk to I’m ok with that. I have audio recordings as well.”

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  1. Jason D

    Hey Wes (Happy Holidays first off), this seems like such a common occurrence at kids windows, have any parents ever tried setting up a camera/video recorder that would capture what’s happening at the window from inside? Might be tough with all that goes on in a kids room (have a 3 yr old, a BF fiend and we play BF games daily) but they seem to get reckless when young ones are involved. Thanks.

  2. Trent M

    The 1st time I heard of them motioning “come here” to kids from outside a window was my friend Bobby Hamilton in E. Texas. I have heard it several times since so it seems to be a known behavior. Now what they want is the question…..Creepy though anyway.

  3. Asheim

    I think it just depends. If it is a female Sasquatch, it may trigger her motherly instincts to see a child. But I would never put it past any of them too if given an opportunity to nab one for an easy meal.

  4. Joe D

    Sasquatch seem to often exhibit a disturbing interest in children. If they were just harmlessly interacting with the child through the window I could maybe believe that they did not have ill intentions. But, you see repeated encounters where the creature is motioning the child to come with them. However, you never see reports of children sneaking out to play with them and then returning safe and sound. I wonder how many missing children left the safety of their homes at the urging of one of these things?

  5. Renee S

    I would not let my child sleep alone in that room, or I’d put them in my room @ night. That’s just utterly terrifying to even think about what a creature might do to a kid.

  6. NW Mike

    While it may be innocent play because they don’t see children as threats, too many native American tribes have stories of BF stealing children to eat them. Keep little kids away from BF! Try to keep the BF away with lights and cameras. Good luck. Stay vigilant.

  7. Gumshoguy

    Are Bigfoots voyeurs?

    There are hundreds of window peeping BF’s. There is no information that I noticed that points to a date or time or location which could help explain or exclude some things if that information was available.

    There are medical and legal terms for Window Peeping behavior and if these animals were people it would be a criminal act.

    As I stated, Window Peeping occurs frequently but it is extremely disconcerting when they Watch Kids. Window Peeping is invasive, unsocial and it causes pain and distress especially to children who in many instances have reoccuring nightmares and some may even take those issues into adulthood.

  8. Barbara W

    I was scared of monsters under the bed and in the closet. Seeing that thing in the window would’ve given me nightmares and scared me no end. Poor kids!
    I agree with Renee S – I’d put this kid in my room AND black out that window too.

  9. Daniel D

    This is definitely a behavior we have seen before reported by several people including one very prominent Bigfoot researcher from the south who reported the creature coming to his window as a child and motioning for him to come to the window. I’d like to know where this incident took place and if it’s near enough possibly investigate for them to see if the creatures are still in the area and or potentially dangerous, it bothers me this inherent interest in luring children to them and approaching their home so blatantly. I know it’s a long shot but if the individual who sent this into Sas Chron is reading this feel free to respond and let us know if they are still interested in having someone check out the property. Sorry if I’m being to bold suggesting this, I don’t mean to offend I’ve just been very interested in researching a habituation site and would like to help.

  10. Rick C

    I want to apologetically say that I would gladly put a round of Buck Shot through a window and into the face of of a BF peeping in at my family. I am a member of a couple of groups that think these things are only Gentle Forrest Giants. They seem to ignore the hundreds or thousands of stories like this. We shouldn’t go into the woods gunning for these things but we owe it to ourselves and family to protect each other.

    • Daniel D

      I for the most part agree with that, I’d leave them be in their environment and never actively hunt them with harmful intent, but if one came too close to my child or threatened my family or myself in a manner that caused me to be fearful for our lives I’d put one down then. I usually go into the woods armed but I keep it concealed so as not to provoke a violent response from whom or whatever I encounter. These creatures need our absence in order to survive but when they go out of their way to confront or taunt us then they are no longer a benign animal and could potepose a threat.

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