Oct 19

Is this company working with alien technology in Nevada?

8 News NOW Las Vegas writes “Radiance Technologies has quietly become a major player in developing cutting-edge weapons and systems for the Pentagon, with 20 offices established in 17 states. When it comes to unidentified flying objects or alien technology, the company doesn’t duck the topic formerly considered taboo or fringe.”


2 Responses to “Is this company working with alien technology in Nevada?”

  1. Ron S

    I wouldn’t be surprised at any technological advancement the military keeps quiet at this point. The saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention”. 60-100 years ago+ they added atom splitting, frequency, psychological, magnetic, electrical, x-ray, gamma ray, quantum, lasers and god knows what else into the toolbox…metaphysical, antimatter? It seems ridiculous and sad to me that war is still being fought under some kind of Marquess of Queensberry rules and brave soldiers are still shooting projectiles at each other like it’s still WW1 and we tune into it like sports…my mind screams “these are people!”they have families and loved ones, hopes, dreams, triumphs and struggles just like you or I do…I don’t get it…..Is it so far fetched to imagine a weapon by now that would eliminate an opposing leader by pushing a button and simply displacing the fabric of ones atoms to make them keel over, disappear or even unexist?…I’m guessing it probably comes at a cost…a spanking from the universe, or a replacement of matter in who knows what kind of form…maybe I just overthink with an active imagination through skin that varies in thickness

    • Charles P

      I like the way you overthink. I feel the same. This caveman warfare is obsolete and unnecessary. It’s time to use advance technology to end war and raise consciousness.

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