Oct 19

Five mountain lions seen together on home video

Associated Press writes “Five California mountain lions were seen together on home surveillance video in a rare gathering of the notoriously solitary big cats. The footage was recorded at a rural residence at the edge of the El Dorado National Forest east of Sacramento.”


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  1. John R

    Makes me wonder if safety in numbers applies here. Known to be solitary you would think the only reason this many adult cats, usually territorial, would group together would be if it was life or death….like having a apex predator in their midst. Were they being stalked by something they were afraid of? Maybe going near a house/camera gave them temporary safety to try and ditch whatever was after them?

    • Joel g

      No they just aren’t actually solitary. Very few mammals truly are. Even tigers live in groups when food is plentiful. It amazes me people think such loving an affectionate animals who bond so deeply to humans when in captivity that they don’t even want them to leave the house without them would want to live a totally lonesome existence in the wild. I’ve worked around big cats and there is no way all that capacity for love in both male and female goes to waste.

  2. Jay T

    Perhaps mother with young that are getting close to age of being on own, which can be more brazen (at least I’ve read). Remote Vancouver Island and likely other areas have kids where hooded jackets with eyes on back of hood to lessen but not remove chances for attack as most likely ti attack from behind.

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