Jul 12

Interesting Video from East Texas

This video has been making its rounds on social media lately. The footage was taken in East Texas I believe and was sent to researcher M.K. Davis. M.K. has always done a great job cleaning up videos and this was taken from an old VHS camera. According to M.K. the person standing next to the fence in the video below is 5 foot 11 inches. The person who took this video said that he had these creatures on his property and he started setting up camera’s to capture what was going on.

Credit: M.K. Davis







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  1. Bal G

    Here we go again about East Texas. Where in the hell did this happen? East Texas is almost as big as Arkansas and Louisiana combined. East Texas can mean a lot, and I mean a lot of area. At least this researcher should give the general vicinity,when presenting this video. Not on you Wes, but still. Thanks anyway.

  2. Richard C

    It looks like the man standing in the frame below has the top of the fence coming to his shoulders. You can make out the red building in the back in both, if it’s the same fence. That’s one tall man in a monkey suite. Able to straddle and step over in a monkey suite, pretty good.

  3. Kathy S

    Not thinking they need to say exactly where it is!! But you are correct, East Texas is a huge area.

    I’ve seen this video several times in the past… I suggest you go to see all of M.K.Davis’ videos on YouTube. Amazing footage!! If memory serves me correctly, this is the home of people who practice habituation… not good IMHO. Anyway, these folks have learned they can record using a mirror… the camera is recording the reflection in the mirror. Pretty smart!!

  4. darren w

    I would be absolutely astounded if that was actually a sasquatch…and somewhat disappointed. Nothing about this says bigfoot to me. Purportions and locomotion are all wrong. HUMAN!

  5. Steven J

    What ever the “walking bobsquatch” is, I am fairly certain its male. Look full screen as it crosses the fence.. I think there is some loose dangling object there….

    Not a detail you would expect most to actually bother with, I would imagine.

    • James E

      I agree… You can see his “junk” when he goes over the fence. If that’s a hoak, it’s a freaking excellent one. That’s a Squatch. Wes has gotta get that ThinkerThunker guy on to examine that closer. Folks, I do believe we’ve now got some of the best film footage of a male sasquatch’s junk…. BRAVO……!!!

  6. joey r

    steven J i noticed the same thing. I watched it on my desk top computer full screen and there is something there.
    i would love thinker thinker to break this one down

    • Joyce N

      i saw that. definitely looks like cuff at the bottom of jeand and a boot coming over. also, leg proportion doesn’t look right. looks like a human leg

  7. Vinnie G

    MK Davis has some great stuff and some “out there” stuff. It’s worth watching his full clips for his analysis. Lol, Everyone’s an “expert”, but if people took the time watch & listen, they would be intrigued by the details and maybe not so quick to judge.

  8. Scott A

    If the size comparison is legit, then the creature does look quite big. The length of the legs as it fence-hops gives me pause. Other than that it looks really authentic to me though.

  9. Mark T

    Not all Bigfoot sightings have long ape-like arms and shorter legs…

    The 11-footer that I saw had very human proportions, was covered with hair, but had a huge jump of muscles on the shoulders, and the location of the visible ear was on the wrong spot on the side of the head, and was sunk in and surrounded by hair.

    I always said mine looks like a silver back gorilla crossed with a gigantic Olympic athlete.

    And did you notice the dangling male genitalia as it stepped over the fence on the zoomed in shot?

    Watch it again.

  10. Janetta V

    M. K. Davis is the best at breaking footage down. The fence crosser actually does have genitals hanging down as Davis did a slowed down closeup on his parts. The figure at the top by the red building, when clicked on and blown up looks to be a dogman, look how his legs are backwards. On Davis’s website two bigfoot, a white and a black one are having a pushing match and this big guy with the funny legs shows up from behind the red building and the bigfoot clear out immediately. Very Good. Thank you Wes. P.S. M.K. also has great footage of a white bigfoot running and it is very convincing.

  11. June P

    I saw this video a few years back as analyzed by M.K. Davis.
    Prior to making any comments here, I searched and watched all the videos on YouTube on this particular filmed creature. ( I searched ‘East Texas fence climber Bigfoot’ )
    All referenced videos are at least 3 years old. I really liked the video where M.K. Davis superimposed his image near the fence with the filmed creature’s image as it swung it’s leg over the fence, as it did a great job of comparing sizes. He also had an updated analysis utilizing ( then) newer software to brighten the image.
    No expert here by any stretch of the imagination, but his analyses are very thought provoking, logical and simple.
    Who is to say there is not a long legged 10 foot Sasquatch out there whose family members might be shorter than him ( or taller ?)
    I should imagine that if this applies to other animals ( like us) it very well may apply to them.?

  12. Black-YETI

    Never seen this before. My first impression is its just a tall guy ducking down. When it lifted its legs over the wire the thighs were very average almost normal human proportion.

  13. JON F

    Something about the little hop he does as he swings his trailing leg over the fence just says human to me for some reason. I mean I’ve done and seen that done by others crossing fences before. Just my opinion and obviously not based on scientific fact.

  14. m99

    ~ That’s a barbed wire fence – it isn’t very tall… And the thing had on pants. Run it again and you might notice a pants leg at the bottom on it’s leg as it goes over. And, have you ever seen a ballet? The gentlemen have on tights and when they leap in the air you can see their junk. This looks like a man in a gorilla mask from the waste up and tight trousers or jeggings from the waste down. The way he went over the fence looks like he was deliberately showing off his junk for the camera. How many male Bigfoot have you heard of doing that? He could’ve (if real) just bounced over that little fence. And, it’s too foggy (in my humble opinion) even in “East Texas” in the morning. I’d opt in for dry ice. Sorry. Just sayin’…

  15. Frank S

    Fake, not real.
    U can see in the man’s walk and the way he gets over that fence, Human.
    After he’s cleared the fence and turns to walk off, the movement of his body and legs is very obvious, A Fake.

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