Oct 25

I woke up to the camper shaking

A listener writes “I live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. On September 2, while camping in the bush in the Lanark Highlands, I had what I believe was a bigfoot experience. It would probably take me four pages to tell you everything.

The long and the short of it was while camping, I heard dogs barking to my left and I was thinking well, if the dogs are barking (and they had just started) there is probably something out there wandering around. So I decided to go into the camper. On my way into the camper, I heard a wood knock. I thought someone was screwing around with me, so I said out loud – Ya I am not falling for that shit.

After I got organized in the camper, I closed the blinds in front of the sofa bed. When I was closing the blinds, I felt like I was being watched and my hands were shaking to try and get the damn blinds closed. After that, I got into my sleeping bag and was getting really really tired. I fell asleep and I woke up to the camper shaking. It wasn’t just shaking a little, the blinds in the cabin were moving and slamming into the wall of the camper. I carry a knife with me when I am camping, so I grabbed my knife and brought the knife and my hand into the sleeping bag and what do I do – I pass out. I am a hyper person, after that rocking, I should have been wide awake and terrified, but no I pass out. I woke at some time, not sure when and then I saw a white/yellow round shape on the kitchen cabinets. So guess what I did – I went shit someone is shining a light into the camper and promptly fall asleep. Who does that – it was totally not what I would have done normally.

There is more to the story and could probably write a novella about the whole thing.”

7 Responses to “I woke up to the camper shaking”

  1. Gail D

    This was an amazing story! You need to come on the show & tell us the whole thing. My curiosity is peeked. Hope to hear from you soon on an episode. Thanks for sharing…

  2. theresa m

    Woh! Sounds like a lot was happening and you may have been under the influence of something greater than yourself and that’s why you went to sleep so promptly. Would enjoy hearing the rest of your story. Thanks for sharing here.

  3. Linda B

    What you just shared tonight is probably one of my worst nightmares. You hear this happening from time to time too. Im sorry this happened to you and. I appreciate you sharing your encounter with us. I had four loud bangs near the top of the camper close to the door in honobia, okla last fall. When your body is on full red alert and you don’t want to open the camper door. Hope you come on the show.

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