Jan 6

I saw four of them

Gary writes “I saw 4 of them in 2012. It took a full year before saying anything to anyone.

It was then, after about a year that I reported my encounter to my local Bigfoot organization. I still hadn’t yet come to terms with the fact that there were 4 of them so at the time of the report I said there was only one. It took another full year for me to realize that I hadn’t just dreamed seeing 4 and that the littlest one of them had pressed his face up against my passenger car window as he put his hands up, cupping them around his face as if to cut the glare so he could see in.

The big guy you ask? Well… I’d put him at between 8 & 10 feet with a chest as wide as a truck window. Big, huge massive hands. Bigger than a catchers mitt with long hair hanging down over the fingers. Obscuring them enuf to keep me from getting a good look at them. Also, the eyes. They were at first slits, or almond shaped, but more long than wide. As I stared at them they got bigger and rounder and more and more red until they were the size of the bottom of a coke can and fire engine red.

I’d put the big guy at about 20 feet away from me. There was a more teenage one swinging from a branch next to the big guy and at my car the two smaller ones came up from behind my car. Those 2 had to cross the road behind me to come around from the back of the car the way they did. I wasn’t scared till the big guy took a step in the direction of my car that I was sitting in. That woke me up and fast. The car was already idling as I sat in it so I threw it into drive and took off outa there.”

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  1. Glen K

    WHERE Gary, WHERE did you see them?? Canada, USA, France, Russia, China. If USA, California, New York, Georgia?? Thanks, and have a Nice Day!

  2. Tedd

    Wow, that’s absolutely incredible and frightening! I’m glad you were able to talk about it eventually, I would love to hear more if you are willing to do a talk with Wes. Thanks for sharing and I hope you are doing ok with the knowledge forced upon you!

  3. Karen C

    Thanks Gary, it is hard to tell these stories sometimes unless your like us, we couldn’t wait to tell this encounter to anyone that would listen…

  4. Julie D

    Well that’s an underwear changing moment. Glad you got away! Please come on the show and share your story, I can’t imagine what you went through! God Bless!

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