Jul 11

Hunter observed bi-pedal creature

In January, 1999 in Osceola County, FL a hunter, while sitting on a tree stand observed bi-pedal creature walking at high speeds.

Witness was sitting in tree stand hunting. Noticed creature walking at high speeds, not necessarily running but covering lots of distance in a short time. There was a pugnent odor kind of like that of the zoo where elephants or large animals stay. The way he walked was bipedled, hunched with human sillouete. Coned head with wide shoulders and no visible waist line. Height: 8-9 feet Weight: 4-600 lbs. Hair Color: Black

Also noticed: Found footprints and fellow hunter in other location also saw footprints.


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  1. Debbie C

    I’m very much looking forward to Sunday’s show:)
    I was listening to another show this evening about Dogmen encounters.
    Dogman Encounters Episode 49
    What’s Scratchin’ at the Walls, Mum??? (7/3/15)
    Link: http://www.dogmanencountersradio.com/
    Clare’s interview, from England her Dogman encounters.
    What an amazing interview! Clare is one very brave young woman
    to stay on in that location with those creatures on her property.
    ?Dogman the size of cows? I had no idea they get to be that size?
    I hope she can rest easy knowing many believe her encounters are real.

    • Papa - Yeti

      Here Debbi, Yes I believe her, as for the creatures size being that of a Cow or a horse, yes, and it reminds me of this encounter by two policemen in Texas. This one was the size of a Cow / Horse: I forgot which SC Episode number this was, but note the size of the beast and then not the speed it was running quadrupedal as it paced the Lead Police vehicle; It occurred upon a remote lesser traveled highway in central Texas.

      Both the eyewitness were Policeman.
      2009 – Back in August of 2009 I was a sergeant over the K9 unit which consisted of five handlers/ five dogs. K9 Unit Officers Steve and Lewis

      ►driving home when the lead officer said something large and black ran towards the side of his Tahoe from the shoulder / ditch area and he thought it was going to strike the side of the Tahoe but it suddenly cut sharply and started pacing his unit for a short distance as it ran alongside him. ►He said it was on all fours but was no cow or horse, ►but was as large as one. ◄► They only know for sure that it wasn’t a horse or a bull, it was huge and Black, had no neck, and came up to mid window on the passenger side front widow of the Tahoe, it was running upon all fours and hauling ***, ►keeping right up with the speed of the SUV at 75 -80 MPH. ◄

  2. Tyler D

    The smell that this guy is describing must be absolutely rank. Cuz I’ve been around that kind of smell and it is pungent to say the least. Should be an interesting show. Thanks for all the hard work Wes SC has really grown into something outstanding, entertaining and enjoyable to listen to and be a part of

  3. GEOFF W

    Good observation. The only thing wrong with our reports is the weight estimation. The male gorilla at my local zoo is approx. 200 kgs
    440lb. I think these 8-9ft males must weigh at least 8-900 lbs.

  4. Reid D

    I was thinking the same thing on the weight! If a Silverback gorilla weighs 4-500 than like was said a male Bigfoot 8-9 ft has to weigh 8-900! I’m sure some of the rare 10ft fellas are breaking 1/2 a ton easily!!

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