May 20

History Of The Sierra Sounds With Ron Morehead

The “Sierra Sounds” are known as one of the most prolific credible pieces of Sasquatch vocalization evidence to date. Recorded in 1971 by Ronald J. Morehead.



5 Responses to “History Of The Sierra Sounds With Ron Morehead”

  1. Charles R

    Definitely going to have to listen to this in its entirety. I have always wondered what that camp looked like. I had pictured something similar but with a small meadow. That fresh spring water close by could be the attraction that kept the Sasquatch around. I also did not realize all the other high strangeness that was taking place. Sure would be a fascinating place to visit and camp.

  2. m99

    Agreed Charles. I’ve never been to the Sierras, but of course have looked at numerous pictures. From the film it looks a lot like Washington State. I was amazed by the light reenactment. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I always imagined a lame and loose bubble bouncing around.

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