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Hikers have possible daytime encounter

In 2016, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, My wife and I started to make our descent from the summit of Mount Greylock during a morning hike. Approximately half a mile on the Cheshire Harbor Trail, close to Rockwell Rd, my wife and I heard a clapping sound. We stood in place for a few moments, listening to the sound.

The “clapping” was non-rhythmic, sometimes there was one or two, other times there were many “claps”. In between the “claps” there was sounds of something walking, breaking fallen branches as it moved. The sounds were about a distance of 100 feet from our position on the trail, within a thicker patch of woods. We listened for almost a full minute and then decided to continue on the trail, moving closer to the source of the sound.

When we reached the area where we believed the clapping sound to be coming from we listened again and heard nothing and had seen no movement. Further down the trail I attempted figure out the sound. I did some tree knocking and banged rocks together, but only when I clapped my hands did it most closely match the sound my wife and I had heard. It was a sound that I have never heard before and it has sparked my interest into figuring out what animal made this noise.

There was other groups of hikers up at the summit, about .7 miles up the mountain. After we had our encounter, it was another 10 minutes of walking before we passed a group of hikers going up the trail. So that I know of, there was no one else present in the area besides my wife and I.


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  1. Geoffrey P

    Nice! I ran a few 5K races on Mt. Greylock years ago. I could definitely see that as a habitat for Squatches, especially certain times of the year. When did the hike take place?

  2. Scott A

    I live in Winchendon, Massachusetts. I heard loud noises like that as well. I just thought branch against tree but my mother said she thought it sounded like someone was throwing rocks at a tree. I did not react, I listened but heard nothing indicating it was one of us homo sapiens people. After reading this I wonder if clapping is what we heard. And it sounded about 100 feet from us as well. It was Sunday, September 14, 2014, 3:30pm. It was a beautiful, sunny day with very few wispy clouds streaked in the sky. There were only three other cars. One parked when we arrived at one spot, on our way to the second spot another car passed us going back and while we were at the second spot another car passed, returned and passed on the way back. These noises started about 10 minutes after that last car. I wanted to see. I was there photographing the trees and the lake on one side of the road at both spots. My mother waited in the car on the same side at the first spot and on the other side of the road facing into the woods at the second. The noises sounded like they were about 100 feet in front of the car but I am guessing and it was quiet so maybe further. The noises were single knocks, clacks or claps with about 15 to 30 seconds apart. By the time we heard the fifth one I had taken all the pictures I wanted and did not want to keep her waiting. For all I know it’s just one of us homo sapiens doing something. I really wanted to go in there and see but I had no one to go in there to investigate with me and they say never go in alone. I do not own a weapon, there are signs saying stay on the trail and I don’t want to make anything or anyone mad at me. Yet the most significant reason why I did not go in is that my mom was waiting for me. If not for that I think curiosity would have gotten the better of me. I wonder now how things would have gone if I went in there and somehow climbed a tree. What would they make of that? It’s a lot of pine trees though and a lot of those do not have low branches and of course one would get pine sap on their skin and clothing. I have gone in there since just far enough to see that there is a trail that goes straight in for about 20 yards I guess, then goes left and right parallel to the road. I went right and I could see that there is a drop off along the other side of the trail. There is an area that fills with water from the winter’s melted snow and diminishes over time. There are plenty of trees and other vegetation in there. I have not been down there yet. I would like to but with sensible people who know about sasquatches.

    I hate capitalizing that word. We don’t capitalize bear or mountain lion or keep those singular. It makes it sound like we all believe in something ridiculous that cannot be real. One giant, hairy, wild beast of a man that roams around in the woods by himself with no parents, no mate, no children. That’s not a sustainable population therefore to people who think the subject is silly, it must be an imaginary character someone dreamed up.

    If anyone is interested and lives close enough that they would like to go in there with me then let me know.

  3. Ryan M

    My backyard I live in the berkshires more and more reports come from here. Not sure if some is just wanting it to be. But there are reports all the way back to 1800s. Considering the relative closeness of Whitehall ny, I don’t discredit claims. 20 years ago I had something happen in southern part of county. People at this event wanted to say it was curse ghost. I’m older now tree breaks tree sways rock throwing not ghost by far..

  4. Ryan M

    Also I have to get better pictures but at balance rock 20 feet of the road right before the rock there are trees stacked now I know the did construction but the are uncut 80 ft tall mostly birch set in place with root balls problem is the go uphill top facing west on north south mountain range. Wind comes from west not the east

  5. Ryan M

    To go back on the 20 years ago the location October mt. The 4 corners as always summertime kids have bonfires and party almost every night this was no different a bunch of 20 somethings. The convent excuse of getting to close to the graveyard summons ghost well tree sway breaks branches being thrown along with rocks clods of earth and moans there was ro k throwing in bfro report just recently.

  6. Daniel S

    should you if this happens warn the other hikers? spose they might not listen most times, just you hear a lot when ya clap back tree knock it sometimes goes pear-shaped, PEICE

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