Mar 17

From The Shadows: Bigfoot in Hocking Hills, Ohio

From The Shadows Podcast writes “Debbie joins us to share an experience she and her family had with at least two Bigfoot type creatures at their cabin in Hocking Hills, Ohio in 2020.”

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  1. Linda B

    Wow. We have very recently thought about reserving a tourist area cabin and take vacation. People are in and out all the time, cooking out and leaving on Sunday (their activity stopped on Sunday, they could be thinking party’s over) Maybe they were hoping to snag a bag of marshmallows or a leftover steak left on the grill or something, or maybe they wanted to entertain themselves with gawking at the “tourists”. I never thought to look outside after the lights go out when camping. I’m always too chicken to do that, say look outside from our camper etc. So, makes sense. I don’t think they break in because they don’t want to get shot. Cool interview!

  2. Charles R

    I remember that episode of these woods are haunted. Sounds like a great seculded large cabin to rent, although there are a good many in the Hocking Hills. Be sure to stop at JimBos Burgers and Beers by South Bloomingdale, a real tourist and motorcycle haven – very good food. BFRO report on this in 2020 can be found in Perry County, OH. Temperance Hollow Lodge, Logan, OH in case anyone wants their own possible Bigfoot adventure.

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