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For Jack and Charlie in Ohio-The Grassman


Jack and Charlie, I apologize for not being there to answer your questions about Ohio. I wanted to put a little something together for you guys about our lovely state, and it’s Grassman sighting locations.

As far as a concentration of sightings, Portage County is number one. (of reported sightings, mind you) Following that, we have Ashtabula, Columbiana, Jefferson, and Coshocton. Those, as Wes mentioned spot on, are in the northeast part of the state. There is a little further south, Guernsey County, and that contains within it, Salt Fork State Park. I myself have heard an amazing whistle at Salt Fork, along with other pre-dawn tomfoolery by someone, or something, right outside my tent while camping there last summer. Was it Bigfoot tromping around? Can’t say for sure, but it was interesting at the very least.

As far as reports around your area guys, Butler and Preble County just north of you, and Clermont County to the East have all had reports of The Hairy Man. One of the Butler County reports from the BFRO reads as follows:

YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Summer




COUNTY: Butler County



NEAREST ROAD: Withheld per witness request

OBSERVED: My wife and I were out on our deck about 12:30am on July 14,2002. We often sit out on the deck until late at night and early morning. We enjoy watching the wildlife and listening to all the sounds of the night. We live out in the country with several wooded areas around us. While we were outside on this particular night, we heard a strange howling noise that neither of us had ever heard before. It was a very loud and  deep howling.  It lasted approximately two or three minutes. We had heard of sightings of Bigfoot in the area just a few days earlier. This prompted us to get on the internet and I found a tape of the howling from Columbiana County, Ohio. I played it, and it as the exact same thing we heard. We went back outside about 15 minutes later, and there was a very foul odor similar to that of a skunk with urine mixed.

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded farm area with creeks, ponds, and bridges. End report.

This is the audio the report mentions:

I also wanted to include a report from Clermont County, which is just East of you:

YEAR: 2009

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 06/16/09


COUNTY: Clermont County

LOCATION DETAILS: we were fishing on a sandy clearing just to the right of the floating dock at the Northshore boatramp,EastFork Lake State Park

NEAREST TOWN: Batavia,Ohio


OBSERVED: while fishing early in the morning at Eastfork Lake near batavia,ohio,my nephew and I heard first an owl hooting a couple of times and I told Cody that I’d never heard one there before.It was around 3 am,After a few more hoots all of a sudden a loud noise came from the woods.A noise that I’ve only heard in a jungle scene in a movie.The sound was of chimps in trees,warning of danger present,it was very strange.After about an hour had passed,we heard the owl noise again and then broke out in a loud low scream,over and over we heard this scream.then it went into what sounded like dogs barking,maybe a few dogs and then the barking went into yelping like they were being hurt.Then it stopped.We didn’t hear anything again.Occasionally we’d hear the sound of a large rock being thrown into the water about 100 yards away.We left a little later after all that went on. End report. BFRO.net

So guys, lots of places to look for for these things right in our own state. Below is a map of sightings and possible encounter locations as reported to the BFRO. Have fun in your search for answers, and never lose your fantastic curiosity.

Shannon LeGro


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  1. Charles R

    I take it you guys live in Hamilton County, Reds country. I myself live 60 to 80 miles north of you in Darke County. In the past few years there has been a fair amount of Sasquatch activity going on in Montgomery county and the other counties surrounding Dayton, Oh. This almost always occurs on the outskirts of small towns.

  2. Charles R

    Oh and if you are interested in more Ohio Bigfoot reports get the book THE BUCKEYE BIGFOOT, BY Don Keating detailing his extensive bigfoot research over about 20 years. There was an organization called the EOBIC that listed sightings. They have six for Hamilton County. Coshocton County is number one with 79.. Ohio registers the most Bigfoot sightings of any state outside of WA, CA, And Oregon.
    It is all due to the extensive agriculture with plenty of forest and rivers, abundant rain, livestock farming, orchards and a climate that is fairly mild.

  3. Donna K

    I live in Butler County Ohio and I scan the woods along highways pretty regularly. We are in the southwest corner of Butler County. So keeping our eyes open for the big guy.

  4. Donna K

    A friend of mine lives in Waynesville Ohio and she said about a year ago there was a sign in a mini groceries/gas station area between Waynesville and Wilmington Ohio and apparently there was a Sasquatch seen in that area between Wilmington and Waynesville about a year and a half ago. The sign that was placed in the window had a phone number for anyone else who may have had a sighting. I never heard anymore after that but that’s within a half hour of us.

    • Charles R

      Hi Donna K. Thanks for the tip on Waynesville. I know the gas station you are probably talking about, as I was there in August but did not see that sign on a motorcycle ride I took. This area makes a lot of sense due to proximity of Ceasars Creek. In this time frame one was also spotted while a person was on a bicycle ride on paved bicycle trail outside of Jamestown. In 2009 a guy in Christiansburg, Oh ( east of Troy Oh ) had ongoing activity on and around his property for 6 months including two sightings and deer kills, etc. He found tracks that measure 17 inches by 11 inches. All activity ended in I think August or Sept. 2009. Very first week of March 2010 I found a downed tree outside of Laura, OH ( Miami County ) Next to the pulled down tree in the ditch was a 17 inch x 11 inch track which I casted. In six months time that bigfoot had moved around a quite populated area to another agricultural area close to where I live ( which is outside of Arcanum, OH in Darke County )
      There is a bfro report for Miami County that covers the Christiansburg one.

      Last year in Feb. this bfro report came out

      Because they gave such a good description of their property I was able to find it and interviewed the farmer last Memorial Day. The farmers daughter who had seen the bigfoot first contacted the Bfro. The farmer told me the bfro researcher was hesitant to come out except he had taken calls from this farmers neighbors who had seen it also. The Bfro researcher told the farmer he was also getting calls down in Germantown, which makes sense as it has a wildlife refuge there.

      So you can see there has been a lot of activity in our general area. The area you live in I am a bit familiar with as it takes to long to go through Hamilton so I circumvent it by going around on the west side and this area would not surprise me in the least to get activity from time to time from where you live all the way over to the Whitewater River and Brookville Lake. Also Hueston Woods is not far from you and is an area to look into as is Rush Run Area.
      Neat talking to you, we are practically neighbors.

    • Charles R

      Hi Chris P. What part of Northern Ohio?
      The thing is it was not many years ago people would have thought the area myself and Donna K live would have little activity if any. There are not huge tracts of forest like when you get on the other side of Columbus or Chillicothe. There is a tremendous amount of corn and soybeans. However every farm has at least 10 acres of woods, the larger ones may have 50. Sometimes you can find a tract here and there of a few hundred acres. What we do have is 36 inches of rain each year and a lot of rivers and creek watershed due to the Ohio River that provide ample corridors and food sources. There is abundant veggies, orchards, and small livestock farms to make it buffet around here. I think the population is increasing and the forest giants have discovered how easy life is around here if you want to move around the Miami Valley. There is enough woods to hide in during the day that are seldom entered by humans except a bit during deer season and they do their food scavaging by night.

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