For Jack and Charlie in Ohio-The Grassman

  Jack and Charlie, I apologize for not being there to answer your questions about Ohio. I wanted to put a little something together for you guys about our lovely state, and it’s Grassman sighting locations. As far as a concentration of sightings, Portage County is number one. (of reported sightings, mind you) Following that,… Read more »

Strange beast roams in Rome, OH

  The Valley News; Orwell, Ohio; July 1, 1981 STRANGE BEAST ROAMS IN ROME OHIO ROME – A Rome family has reported a large mystery animal roaming around its home and terrorizing horses and other farm livestock. The family on Johnson Road reported that it shot at the black animal described as between seven to… Read more »

Shannon’s Notes from Salt Fork State Park in Ohio

By: Shannon LeGro A weekend at Salt Fork State Park, Ohio Arrived on the morning of August 3rd, 2014 We set up camp (Primitive Campground-Bigfoot Ridge) and proceeded to take a long day hike, which included Hosak’s Cave…pictured below, right. This lasted for several hours, and was uneventful. By the time we got back, a… Read more »