Nov 2

Footage of a figure in the woods

The YouTuber Bigfoot Input posted a video that shows a large black figure in the woods. Take a look.

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  1. David H

    Melissa – I agree. I was liking the footage and arm length, but then he has to move the camera away! Why do that if you are getting amazing footage? Who does that? I would think you film until its completely gone away. Makes no sense and why it makes me want to call BS. Hopefully we get to hear more about this from the person who filmed it.

  2. Linda B

    The only thing I can think of for the reason he moved the camera, and this may strike some as funny, but when you get the crap scared out of yourself and you turn to look at whoever is next to you to see if they are seeing what you’re seeing (because he’s talking to somebody there with him), you may forget where your friend is and turn the wrong way and you may forget to take the camera off your face if the witness is looking through something other than a cell phone. I could see myself doing that, but I can also honestly say better to do something off and silly or embarrassing that way than to be a hoaxer. The hoaxers are such clowns, they just kind of make you mad. They’re like liars. I hope this is legit because footage is so rare, and this dies show the long arm reach which for me is fascinating if it’s the real deal.

  3. Jackie K

    people are never going to believe if everyone keeps creating hoax’s which someone said this was. Really pisses me off because I believe a lot of the encounters I’ve heard on here. I never listened to or watched another BF show. it’s not something I really thought about till I happened upon SC ‘s. Assholes need to quit the crap.

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