Jan 2

“Ee wan chu. Ee wan chu. Keer. Keer.”

Interesting account, if nothing else it is a creepy story. I want to give credit to Wildredo Arias:

“In 1990 Bill Russo lived in Raynham near Bridgewater, Massachusetts and worked the late shift. One night after midnight he took his dog for a walk near some high-tension power lines. As he walked through the deserted area he heard a high-pitched voice wailing the following words:

“Ee wan chu. Ee wan chu. Keer. Keer.”

A strange creature stepped into the light cast by a streetlight. It was about three feet high, covered in brown hair, potbellied, and seemed to be old. It continued to cry out “Ee wan chu. Ee wan chu. Keer. Keer” and beckoned to Russo with one hand. It wanted him to join it.

Russo didn’t. He and his dog were both frightened and walked away as fast as they could. When Russo looked back the being was gone. Only after he got safely home did he realize it had been trying to say, “We want you. We want you. Come here. Come here.”  Creepy!


Ee wan chu…

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    • Brian C

      Person lives in MA. Good luck getting a concealed carry permit. Also, if you do happen to have a non-restricted LTC, good luck to you if you actually had to use that “evil device” to defend your life in this misbegotten state.

  1. Mike L

    Why does all the creepy stuff happen to everyone else? I know careful what I wish foor I might just get what I ask for and I won’t like it. I think the weirdest thing that happened to me was smackng my head while touring the Bell Witch Cave.

  2. Pat M

    grew up doing summers not far from there, oddly enough my family always told stories about the “pygmy” people who lived in the woods and kidnapped people, maybe that was the inspiration

  3. Julie D

    Hahaha I am right now watching a show on Prime called the Bridgewater triangle and this guy is on here! Said it wouldn’t advance tword him just wanted him to go to it. Creeeeepy!

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