Mar 31

Doctor’s Save A Burned Creature From Fire

“I observed an animal wounded by fire moving on all fours not like a bear. More like ape. Fire fighters captured animal, contacted local vet and medical doctor. U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Interior, and Bureau of Land Management on the scene.

The animal was tranquilized and moved to unknown location. Those at scene told not to talk about what they saw.

The animal was approximately 7.5 feet long/tall, human like arms and legs, face not like man or ape but mixed between. Genitalia: male, uncircumcised and human-like. Hair covering most of body except chest, chest has hair but sparse, hands with sparse hair, palms bare, with five digits with human opposition of thumb and 5th digit.

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  1. Charles R

    I thought by the title this must be the famous Battle Mountain Fire of 1999 Bigfoot. All correspondence was initiated by the witness ( may have been a field medic or such, I can not remember ) with a researcher from the BFRO. They set up a private email account between them and corresponded for months. A lengthy report was posted by the BFRO, however the head honchos at BFRO were a bit uncertain if the report was true, but felt they needed to publish it anyway. The BFRO person who corresponded felt it was true. Then after several months the witness just went silent and as far as I know has stayed silent. A couple years ago I went back to re read this encounter and it has been taken down for reasons unknown to me. I do know the witness gave great detail, a lot more than this video, that gave me the impression it most likely was true. You decide.

  2. Sandra C

    A thought regarding the BFRO…if the government wanted to sow disinformation and confusion (or distrust) in a topic that was getting a flood of public attention on the internet, you might want to embed agents in organizations like the BFRO.

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