Sep 9

Cryptids by State: Illinois

Ben miller writes “Today we start the series that I was hesitant to make with Cryptids by State Illinois. We are starting off the series with quite a few cryptids that are found in the state of Illinois. We will continue this series until all 50 are done.”


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  1. Lisa B

    Woop Woop! My home state! I’ve heard of some of these that Ben mentioned but a lot of them I haven’t. I wish he had researched central Illinois a bit. It’s definitely a strange place, at least for me. I’m from Atwood, just east of Decatur. I had an encounter along Route 36 between Atwood and Chrisman. It wasn’t a cryptic, creature per say, it was more paranormal/demonic. There are all kinds of strangeness in that state. This idea of going state by state is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing this Wes! 🥰

  2. Oliver R

    No, Little Egypt is the southern tip of the state, home of the big muddy monster near Murphysboro Illinois.
    Multiple witness in 1973 time frame. 2 police officers saw it and the dept even tried to track it with dogs. There’s been ongoing sightsing in this area on or near train right of ways up until this year. I always have my head on a swivel crossing the tracks on my way home at night.
    It was about the same time period of the mo-mo/is-mo sightings along both sides Mississippi River near Lousianna MO. There continues to be sightings there as well. Consistent sightings in the area south of Jacksonville.
    Personal theory for the Midwest is that water drainages and train lines are travel ways.

  3. Debbie A

    I enjoyed this Wes. Thanks.
    The state by state cryptid search is a great idea.

    Ps. Wes I volunteered to take calls for Duke’s shows. As I told Duke I’m a good listener and feel bad for the folks who have seen these things. One call I got would fit your shows. The person said they would be willing to be on your show. It’s an interesting encounter your audience would enjoy. Let me know if your interested. Deb

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