Sep 21

Close encounter scares hunters off their campsite

2012 Sweet Home, Oregon

I would love to speak to this witness. The report is as follows “Camping out archery hunting with 19 year old son. Heard what sounded like non-descript mumbling outside tent. Thought I was hearing things, went to sleep. Woke to hear foot steps outside tent heading to truck, something rustled around in the truck, thought it was my son. I rolled over to see my son shaking inside his sleeping bag. Before I awoke to the footsteps, he heard at least two different vocalizing/mumbling sounds with walking around our tent. They stopped on my side and he heard a loud vocalization type talking and saw a large hand push in the side of the tent using three fingers, about 4-5 inches. I was snoring and my son thought this might have attracted them. We waited inside the tent for a couple hours and could hear movement outside. Nature called and we both went. I saw one standing behind the truck and he saw one duck behind a tree. We tried staying in the tent for another hour, but they wouldn’t go away. I got up went to the truck started it; one was about 30 yards behind truck just watching. We grabbed the tent and everything in it and without breaking it down, threw it in the truck and left. This went on from 11:00pm until 4:00am when we left.

The one that touched and pushed in the tent a little did so when I was snoring. My son seemed to think it was curious, though my son was extremely scared.”



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  1. joe r

    I can’t believe that they went back in the tent again after seeing them standing there, i would have looked like the road runner in the cartoon, keep the tent!!!

  2. Seamus J. C

    I wish they would have described the beasts a little better. I wish all witnesses would do so, and they probably could with prompting. How hairy was that arm put up to shield the face from the flashlight?..I say this knowing how easy it is for me to say from my desk chair, never having encountered one of these monsters! I just would like to see more detail in my mind (since usually the videos of them are no help in this regard).

  3. Paul M

    Well at lest these bf were of the friendly verity. .. jest peek and lookie… I’m sure is still scary moment… they were not footers. I would not blame them for boogiein.

  4. Robert V

    The stalking…time and again these things stalk us and watch us….that is what is freaky to me. How many times do we go for a hike or at a picnic and there in the woods watching us?


  5. Mike B

    That area is where I have one of my gold claims.theres some scary shit out there sometimes.i heard a tree knock that was about a hundred feet from me that sounded like someone hitting one tree against another.that was the first time I.was there.whenever I go prospecting or to one of my other claims, there always is something that happens.footprints, knocks, rocks chucked at me and twice seeing the beasties themselves. I dont go alone and I’m armed, though I always say its for tweekers and such vermin.cops like that excuse better.

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