Jun 7

Cliff Barackman on Cryptozoology

The Vortex writes “What can we learn about newly discovered species and our ecological impact on their environment? Cliff Barackman of Finding Bigfoot and the North American Bigfoot Center talks with Daniel Alan Jones in The Vortex about the importance of studying Cryptozoology, Bigfoot & Sasquatch, and other mysterious encounters with unknown animals or cryptids! From The Vortex archives, recorded at the 2019 Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson, Texas – the Bigfoot Capital of Texas.”

4 Responses to “Cliff Barackman on Cryptozoology”

    • Linda B

      Me too!! Watched every episode of finding bigfoot at least 5 or 6 times. Cool too, he said Bobo is into dogman and paranormal which is the kind of stuff I come closest to having “discovered”.

  1. Linda B

    Just echoing Rhonda D’s sentiments exactly!! His enthusiasm and concern for creatures known and unknown is so true blue. We love Cliff! 💘 Great Job too Daniel Alan Jones!!

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