Apr 15

Chanting In The Woods Of NC

A listener writes “I just listened to your episode about chanting in the woods and never before have I related what happened to me in western NC as a sasquatch encounter.

I honestly thought that we had come upon some type of cult or group of monks! When I heard your caller describe her encounter the same way I just thought I would send you my experience as well in case someone else ever describes their encounter the same way.

I was hiking in the woods of Panther Town Valley in western North Carolina probably the summer of 2002, with my mother and my 3 very young children. It was later in the afternoon and we had gone in a back, less used entrance into the valley and had hiked in about 15 minutes when all of a sudden I heard something and told everyone to be still and listen.

At first it sounded like singing, but then it sounded like monks chanting/singing. It was not however a pleasant sound, and it immediately struck me to my core with a feeling of fear that I had not had before that time or since. I felt as if we were sneaking up on some type of cult. I really don’t know how else to describe it. We never saw anything, just heard the chanting. My mother and I both had the same visceral reaction and promptly gathered up my 3 small children and ran out of there. The whole time feeling as if we were being chased/watched. We got back to the car, I threw the children in their carseats, locked the doors and got the heck out of there.

Just thought I would pass this along in case you get more reports/experiences like this. I just found it unusual that your caller and the same experience as I had so I thought I would reach out.

Thanks and I enjoy your show.”

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  1. Kris T

    I hiked in Manitou Springs CO for years, from the late 80s through mid 2000s, and never had anything weird happen despite the fact that I would be soloing 50% of the time at least.

    A friend and fellow climber talked me into an overnight hike/camp in 02, and we were en route toward Gog (or Magog, can not recall which) rock about an hour before sunset.

    After dark, we began hearing strange but intermittent sounds, and we stopped dead in our tracks many times in order to listen, look and maintain composure. It was difficult. We shut off our head lamps and got pretty effing nervous. I remember cursing at myself for not bringing my firearm, which I had contemplated earlier that same day, but had opted out of due to possible legal BS.

    There was nothing friendly, uplifting or harmonious about this racket. If you can imagine what a dozen orcs singing sounds like, that was it. Grunts and this droning sound like some cult ritual or incantation was happening up ahead in the dark.

    No lights, no fire, nothing to see but the black woods and a lighter trail upon which we walked.

    We both turned abruptly around and got the hell out of there as stealthily as possible. Never did find out what was going on up there at the rock, and I really dont wanna know.

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