The Cowman of Copalis Beach

My dad worked in the timber industry his whole life. His father was a logger, and he grew up in and around the woods. My dad started his own logging company when he was eighteen, and has owned and operated shake and shingle mills from Oregon clear up to Thorn Bay, Alaska. He is an… Read more »

Mother and son have encounter on a remote road

Witness Observation Last year at about 12:30 a.m. my son and I were on our way home from the hospital and as we were driving down the road to our house (FM 241) we suddenly saw a very large, hair covered mammal about 7 foot tall standing on the center stripe of the road. It… Read more »

Watch: World of Mysteries On the Trail of Bigfoot

Is there an unknown beast lurking in the forests of the American Northwest? Thousands of people say they’ve seen it. It is part ape, part man, almost nine feet tall, covered head to foot in thick dark hair, and it walks on two legs. It’s sometimes called Sasquatch, a Native American word, one of more… Read more »

Family encounters large “gorilla” along road

Witness Observation – Mother When I was coming from Chehalis, I was right between Brown’s Mechanics and the old chicken barns, and I saw what looked like a bear hunched in the ditch. I stopped the car and it stood up, and I thought it was a gorilla… it looked right at me, turned it’s… Read more »

Amazing Sasquatch encounter

It happened during a hiking trip from Wright’s Lake to Enchanted Pools. The witness is ex-military (having had training as a sniper) he gives one of the most startling details of an encounter with Bigfoot, ever. His story is below:   I used to live in Camino, CA and would go up into Desolation Wilderness… Read more »

Washington hunter describes very close encounter

Witness Observation I was road hunting by Doty, Washington in the woods in an area that had been closed to motorist traffic for the last 3 yrs. I drove to the end of the road in a small clear cut that had grown up a bit. I saw nothing, no birds, no animals, no tracks,… Read more »

GPS study tracks grizzlies as they follow hunters

We discussed this on a recent show and speculate Sasquatch does the same.Eight Montana grizzly bears have been outfitted with GPS trackers in an ongoing study that could bring some unnerving news to hunters. The study is aimed at bolstering the theory that grizzlies, which can be as stealthy as they are ferocious, stalk hunters… Read more »

Family has encounter near El Campo, TX

Witness Observation I was sitting out on the porch around 10 pm on Tuesday night, August 31st. My dogs (a lab mix and a pit bull) started acting strange and growling. I heard something over to the right of our house. It was very dark over there because we have no light over there. It… Read more »

Fisherman has a close encounter in Arkansas

Witness Observation I was visiting some friends in Huntington Arkansas in the summer of 1988. We all decided to go to a local lake for some bass fishing. They had warned me that there were tons of water moccasins and to be VERY careful where I stepped. I was moving along the bank fishing and… Read more »

Oklahoma hunter has close encounter

Witness Observation On April the 17th 2004 I was turkey hunting in the Ouachita National Forest about four miles West from Big Cedar, Oklahoma with my girlfriend and my brother. I had crossed the creek that ran alongside an old log road that headed up the mountain to the west, when I decided to hunt… Read more »

Watch: Guy Chases Bigfoot In The Woods

In this explosive and divisive clip, I slow things down, stabilize them and zoom way in so we can ALL have a closer look. You say it’s a hoax? I’m not so sure. ThinkerThunker breaks down the film.

Watch: Family in Calgary films Bigfoot by River

A family walking along a snowy river has a chance encounter with what they believed was quite possibly – Sasquatch. Skeptics have written it off as nothing more than a hoax, but a closer look reveals new information. ThinkerThunker breaks the film down for us.  

Watch: Bigfoot sighting while Turkey hunting

While turkey hunting this past season I believe I stumbled upon a big foot eating what I believe to be a deer they obviously killed. I have no idea how I out alive.   ThinkerThunker – Turkey Hunter Bigfoot(s) Breakdown! Could three Bigfoots at once be a record …? Have a watch as we… Read more »

Arkansas bowhunter has encounter

Witness Observation I scouted the area the day before and hung my ole’ man climbing tree stand on a tree for the following morning’s hunt. The only tree I could use was a small oak with a main fork that was about 12 feet off the ground and covered with poison oak. That means I… Read more »

Logger has two encounters over a three day period

Witness Observation Sighting one occurred on Tuesday August 22, 2000 around 1300hrs. Mr. Whitstine stated he was operating his cutter, which resembles a skidder in that the only difference basically is one has huge shear type cutters and the other has a holder. Whitstine was approaching some fallen trees when he saw what appeared at… Read more »

Two children are startled by something peering into window

Witness Observation I think a whole family of Sasquatch have been living around the Caddo Lake area for years. My brother and I saw one peering at us through the window one night. We were 3 and 4 at the time. This was sometime in late 1946 or early 1947 because we moved to Shreveport… Read more »

Watch: The Giants of Patagonia Revealed

Throughout the centuries, countless explorers visited Patagonia and reported sighting giants. Even the name Patagonia (Land of the Big Feet) speaks to these apparitions. But what exactly did these explorers see? This documentary accompanied paleontologists, naturalists, and crypto-zoologists on a search to determine whether an extinct, upright-walking ground sloth could have lived into the era… Read more »

Florida driver spots a Sasquatch on Highway

ARCADIA, Fla.– A woman claims she “encountered Bigfoot” while driving on Florida State Road 72. The woman, who had initially called BFRO investigator Jim Sherman and whose name was omitted by the organization, said she was on her way home “driving back toward Arcadia” at around 8.30 p.m. last September when she noticed the creature… Read more »