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Bucks County sighting


sasquatch-drawing-4YEAR: 2014

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

DATE: 25

STATE: Pennsylvania

COUNTY: Bucks County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was on Green Lane just before Mill Creek Rd if you’re driving away from Rt 13.

NEAREST TOWN: Levittown, Pa


OBSERVED: I was driving back from work late on Tuesday the 25th of February and I’ll never forget what I saw. As I was driving down Green Lane towards Levitown a giant creature that I can only describe as a Sasquatch. The creature was standing on two feet and had almost a human like form except for its nearly 9 foot stature. As it crossed in front of my car I could see it more clearly in my headlights, it was a very dark brown, but it was more like hair than fur which I found to be even stranger. It couldn’t have taken more than three steps to completely cross the road. As I swerved it was already nearly off the road all I could see though my drivers window were what seemed to be piercing blue eyes that seemed to glow. Though I could not differentiate if they were glowing or if it was a reflection of the moon. I haven’t been able to sleep much since, all I can think about is those piercing eyes. Once I found this website and read of the sightings, I knew I had to share what I saw. I’ve been looking online for another explanation, but I can’t find anything.

ALSO NOTICED: Everything about the situation was unusual. I still can’t close my eyes without seeing the creature staring at me.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was driving by myself.

OTHER STORIES: No, all of my friends think I’m crazy, but I know what I saw.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approximately 1am, and It was very cold.

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded area off to the left and a marsh like area to the right. It was strange because it is a fairly developed area.


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  1. Marc I

    I saw this back in September on the BFRO site, the really odd thing is it’s about a mile from my house, as the crow flies. This area while suburban is very developed, with some patches of forest here and there, some large some small. I checked out a Google earth view of the area and saw that there are power lines right there with trails for them going on for a few miles. The majority of sightings in Bucks County are to the north about 20-30 miles, and amount to just a handful, but they cover 40 years of activity in a general area. If everything we have heard lately is true, that there are more of them than we think, that they are everywhere, that they travel great distances then I guess this encounter is possible, just too close to my backyard than I’m comfortable with. I do get a nice fuzzy feeling of validation from it however, I once heard vocolazations in that place to the north, at Nockamixon State park back in 2004, that well… I’m afraid it wasn’t a fox, and anyone that has ever heard it will know what I mean.

    • Joe C

      I saw this a few months ago and thought the same. I’m originally from the area and used to fish Magnolia Lake. It can get thick back there, but the last thing I would ever expect would be the big guy. He was cruising pretty close to the Bloomsdale neighborhood, so at least we know he can’t be that smart if you know what I mean.

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