Sep 13

Bob Gymlan: Bigfoot Classification

Bob writes “This video harkens back to my earlier style. No narrative, just bigfoot speculation. I realized this has been missing in my life so you’ll see more of it soon.

And I had a lot of fun making it. This video will cover an alleged creature’s potential classification, sentience, intelligence, the fossil record, and a lot more contextual clues that just may indicate, what to many, is already obvious.”

7 Responses to “Bob Gymlan: Bigfoot Classification”

  1. schlad

    Thanks man, I Love Bob, he’s a very smart guy, you can tell that, because he can explain his often very complex theories. It’s always wonderful to hear intelligence go up against dogma, the later very quickly appears and behaves very childish, limitation only exists in humans heads, the Universe is infinite, meaning only impossible, is impossible.
    I no longer consider myself ‘homosapian’ after this most recent display of devolution, I am ‘homosupramental’, or ‘homosupra’ for short, which means a human that ‘only’ intentionally manifests the highest ideals.
    Sapiani comes from the Greek word ‘sapere’ which describes a know it all, homosapian is definitely that, dumb don’t question, very apt. I am too smart to be any kind of ‘ist’ and I naturally Love all creatures.
    Love and Peace 4 all!

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