Apr 7

Bigfoot’s Advice For Coping With Social Distancing

Social distancing comes easy to Bigfoot. In this Public Service Announcement that we put together over the last couple days.

Bigfoot provides advice to humans to help them make the best of social distancing and all the time stuck at home. Hopefully it brings some lightheartedness to this very difficult time. A few laughs can definitely help all of us cope with the grief and the fear.

12 Responses to “Bigfoot’s Advice For Coping With Social Distancing”

  1. Drew E

    Hi guys, can anyone please help me find a couple of episodes please?
    1- Which episode is the one in the intro, with the English lady who sounds terrified.
    2- The episode where the shooter finds his mate dead, folded in half under the dash in his pick-up.
    Many thanks

  2. Charles R

    The original social distancer certainly knows how to do it. I do get out on my bike as often as the weather permits here in SW Ohio. It sure is different not being able to go to my old haunts. But I take a quart of ice tea, unsweetened, and a power bar or two and keep to myself, and it is still relaxing therapy. But sure do hope it is over soon.

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