Jun 22

Bigfoot Spotted by Two Fishermen

This report is from kentuckybigfoot.com I really like the work these guys are doing.

Location: Ohio County, KY
Date of encounter: 6-12-15
Time of encounter: 4:00 PM
City: Beaver Dam

Witness Observed:
My fishing partner and I went fishing to a local lake in my county on the evening of Friday, June 12th, 2015 at around 4:00 PM. We were using a small john boat so we quietly unloaded the boat into a narrow cove of the lake which enters into the main body of the lake. As we sat in our boat it began drifting away from the boat ramp, and we were just starting to prepare to fish, my partner says, “Do you see what I’m seeing?”

I looked up and saw the direction he was looking in, which was at the bank straight across from where we had just loaded our boat. Again this was just a narrow cove, so the other side of the bank was barely 50 yards away. What I saw was this creature stand upright and started walking away from our location. It was only a short distance to the tree line that the creature was headed into. The back of this thing was really huge. It was walking away on 2 legs. That it was walking upright and on 2 legs, I am completely positive.

I blinked my eyes twice trying to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing. It had huge shoulders, and a very broad waist. It was already almost into the trees and was disappearing into the woods quickly, even though it was not running, but only walking.

What was really strange, this thing I saw was “blonde “or yellow-looking all over, or at least a “blondish” tint to its hair. Its hair was long, matted and worn looking. It reminded me of one of those old mops that have been used until it is almost worn out. Tangled and matted. It made no noise and I did not smell anything unusual. But this thing was huge.

I was in a state of shock and I said to my partner, “Did you just see something yellow, like I just saw? Is that what you were talking about seeing?” He answered, “Yes!”

Describe the creature in detail:
What I saw was from the knees upward because of the tall grass. I mainly saw the back and the waist area. It was wide, and large. It was definitely a “blonde” color all over. The hair was matted and long. I am 100% sure it walked away upright on 2 legs.


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  1. Dave T

    I hunted down in Ohio county couple years ago. Nothing happened out of the usual but I told the family that owned the property it was a very squatchy area. I hunted a few days staying in an old pop up camper in the woods on this old farmstead. I felt like I was being watched every time I went out hunting. The squatches are definitely there in the bluegrass.

  2. Karen C

    Wait a MINUTE NOW, I know the Blonde Bigfoot Clan is known to be the Smartest and catches more fish then the Brunet and Red (if not dyed) colored clan do, and thats a FACT! Just kidding girls, having fun…

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