Aug 27

Bigfoot Odyssey: Steve Bachmann

Guest Steve Bachmann talks technology and portals.Steve Bachmann constructed the Overunity machine which was used in the Dr. Matthew Johnson portal incident.

2 Responses to “Bigfoot Odyssey: Steve Bachmann”

  1. Pete M

    That’s demonic, introduce them to Jesus Christ, see how they react, see how “loving” they are after that. Look around you, see the times we’re living in, don’t be so easily deceived. Repent, time is short. I really got a sick feeling hearing how these things were crossed over here through a portal, that’s just too bad.

  2. Cathy S

    If they are truly the desendants of the nephillium, which DNA points to and I believe, than they do have the demonic side of them. The Bible says Satan can appear as an angel of light and so if they pretend to love you doesn’t mean they are good. Ask them if they love Jesus Christ. But then again Satan is a liar. You need to except Jesus as your Lord and saviour and I know they will disappear. The Bible says in the end times the deception will run rampant.

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