Aug 27

A Tall And Skinny Human Like Thing Walking

A listener writes “I am fourteen and I live in Utah. It was winter time and I live in a small town and we did not have any snow at the time, I was on the bus and the sun had not come up yet. The bus went to pick up a kid who lived on the very edge of town and there are only farms and fields I was looking out the window and saw this very tall and skinny human like thing walking.

I thought it was a farmer until it faced the bus and stood straight up and put it’s feet together and it arms and hands to the side, this is when I noticed it was about two or three feet taller then the wheels on the watering thing in the field. When the bus stopped just a few feet ahead it started to turn a little then the bus door opened and the outside lights on the bus went on and this thing dropped to all fours and ran under the bar between the wheels it did not stop just came back up to running on its legs. I saw something smaller than it jump on its back, then the bus took off and i could not see it any more. A few weeks after my dad took me to the fields because I told him what I saw he saw the wheels and they were six feet tall wheels, we know the direction it ran there is nothing but fields till you get to the mountains there is also a creek with trees around it coming from the mountains next to the fields.”

11 Responses to “A Tall And Skinny Human Like Thing Walking”

  1. Janetta V

    Very strange indeed. I wonder which one it was, dogman, bigfoot, giant, but whatever, you know it wasn’t good? Be glad you are on that school bus. Glad you dad tried to help you figure it out. Thanks

  2. Paul M

    Well certainly wouldn’t be the first time a BF was mistaking for a tall human = And then to have something jump up on its back while leaving = sounds like it was a baby foot… = there has been VIDS of this

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