4 Responses to “Bigfoot investigator describes process”

  1. Jim C

    It’s entertaining to watch the videos attached for viewing but the dog cam from Bigfoot Captured on GoPro by dog is a bit over the top for me. As a dog owner my entire life, its hard to believe a creature that large moving right in front of the dog and doesn’t appear to cause any reaction from the dog, that’s extremely suspect. My dog in our fenced in backyard barks when a dog is walked in front of the house and across the street! How many stories have we heard about camper’s dogs refusing to go out, hiding under vehicles, in tents etc. and this dog is seemingly out for a stroll in the woods when a “bigfoot” walks a few yards in front. Sorry, this video captured by dog cam is nonsense, just my opinion based hopefully on common sense as a dog owner.

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