Sep 2

Bigfoot in the Buckeye State

Flyover Culture writes “Our annual cryptid video is here, and it’s time to get squatching. Ohio seems to have something of a Bigfoot infestation.

The state ranks fourth in sightings and has no shortage of Bigfoot-related events. On this episode, we’ll look into some of those sightings, plus a more academic approach to Bigfoot evidence.

Thanks to Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum at Idaho State University for talking with me for this one.”

4 Responses to “Bigfoot in the Buckeye State”

  1. Charles R

    The John Hickenbottom (spelling may be wrong) he referenced as a naturalist put out a 4 part series in 2021 in conjunction with the Ohio DNR and Salt Fork Lake on Bigfoots in Ohio. One part garnered over 1 million views.

  2. James N

    thanks Charles! I looked it up, $300-500 per outing was a little steep for my liking as they didn’t provide anything other than a location. I would certainly love the comaderie, but not at that price.

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