Sep 2

Four Upright Walking Figures

A listener writes “I’ve lived in Montana my whole life (45 years). After listening to episode 884, I have decided to write to you.

Here is a little background about myself. I grew up camping and fishing with my family in the Little Belt mtns. I’ve been hunting my whole life. In my twenties I rock climbed all over the northwest and had so many fun adventures with my climbing buddy Todd. I’ve been a fly fishing guide for the last 15 years, which gives me an opportunity to talk to lots of people. I also ride dirt bikes like a mad man, and find myself in the middle of nowhere quite a bit.

I own a cabin on 25 acres, where I have some of the strangest things happen. I have never seen sasquatch on the property, but I have heard whoops at close range, and my wife has been whistled at. I also find marbles in strange places, almost like someone put them where they know they will be found. I also find sticks balanced on my furthest property marker, and if I take them off they always find their way back on the marker. Twice I’ve thought I heard little kids giggling in the woods. Most of the strange things take place in the fall.

After listening to episode 884 something you and Taylor were talking about struck a nerve with me. When you were talking about willing something into existence. I’ve told people about this experience but I leave some of the details out. I’m going to tell you the whole story. Here we go.

This happened the first week of last November. I was driving back to my house after a day of riding dirt bikes. I was taking the back roads home and going through a canyon called La Hood on the Jefferson river, and it was twilight time. I thought to myself if I was ever going to have a sasquatch encounter It would like it to be from the safety of my truck. The lights of my truck were on but not helping much because it was twilight. All of a sudden on the left side of the truck I thought I was seeing deer fur. As I got closer I could tell that it was four upright walking figures. My brain was telling me that those had to be hunters wearing all the same camo. As I passed them I looked in my rear view mirror, the one in the back threw its arms up. My first thought was damn those are some long arms. These figures had bodies like basketball players. So at this point I’m thinking these hunters must be having car problems and are walking to a little town called Cardwell. So I decide to turn around and see if they need help.

I go back to look for them, and I’m looking hard for them on the right side of the road because they were walking so close to the white line on the highway, and I didn’t want to hit them. At this point I have made it back to the Lewis and Clark Caverns, and I know that there is no way they could have walked this far. I turn back around and start heading back the way I was originally traveling, now I’m looking out towards the Jefferson River and the railroad tracks that run alongside the river, and I see them walking on the railroad track. The figures are about 125 yards away. I pull over and roll down my passenger’s window, and I yell, “hey do you guys need help!” All the sudden those figures started to run down the railroad tracks, but it looked like they were roller blading, or gliding. Now I’m standing on my driver side floorboard looking over the top of my truck, and I yell one more time. After yelling again they all dropped off the far side of the tracks, and I can see their heads popping up looking back at me. I had the creepiest feeling come over me. So I got back on the highway and took off.

Now to be honest I could not identify these figures with 100% certainty. But I was thinking very hard about a sasquatch encounter from the car. Your last episode with Taylor, you guys talked about willing things into existence, is that what just happened?”

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