Jan 12

BEARILLA: The Kentucky Cryptid That Kills

Shiver writes “In the dense forests of Kentucky lives a monster that has been terrifying campers and killing cattle for pleasure. Locals call it Bearilla.”

5 Responses to “BEARILLA: The Kentucky Cryptid That Kills”

  1. Janetta V

    Leave it to the experts, to confuse themselves and others. It’s obvious to me, what is killing those poor cows and yet the experts will think up something stupid to say. It makes me want to kick them in the a..

  2. Sharity

    My children’s father, when we were younger, had something in the wooded mountain behind his house here in KY, that he and his friends called, “Wolf Bear Man”. ???? There was always a group of his friends around a bonfire and they used to describe hearing it and how one night something ran past them, but nobody got a good look at it. Of course, there was copious amounts of reefer and alcohol usually involved! ????

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