Jan 12

1974 Monsters! Mysteries or Myths?

The Sasquatch Archives writes “Monsters! Mysteries or Myths? is a top-notch documentary from 1974. It was a big-budget endeavor featuring Rod Serling as the narrator. Eventually the documentary morphed into the documentary titled Mysterious Monsters. This upload is solely the Bigfoot/Sasquatch segment. I’ll upload the complete documentary for those interested in the other parts. I hope that you enjoy this cool documentary.”

5 Responses to “1974 Monsters! Mysteries or Myths?”

  1. Esther L

    I always get a kick out of the way we talked back then. Definitely a different cadence to our voices. I also shed a small tear at the .60 cent gas price visible at the end.
    Pretty fun to revisit. Thank you Mr. Germer!

  2. Danial K

    Ah, the holy trinity of 1970’s Bigfoot documentary narrators: Leonard Nimoy, Peter Graves and Rod Serling. And a big thumbs up to the creepy background music in these programs. These bring back fond memories as a kid.

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