Feb 25

Arkansas State Parks: Unexplained Disappearances

Top Mysteries writes “Recently, I’ve been reading about missing persons from various State Parks across the United States of America and I came across a number of them from Arkansas that I thought were interesting for various reasons. The first being John Glasgow who was 45 years old when he disappeared from Petite Jean State Park.

The next disappearance has a very fitting headline, titled by The Dover New Philadelphia Times Reporter, “In Arkansas, a disappearance baffles investigators.” Gloria McDonald was 68 years old when she disappeared from Queen Wilhelmina State Park

Now, while not too far away and while not in Arkansas, The Kiamichi mountains do border the state from Oklahoma. This is where Lloyd Hokit, 9 years old, disappeared on the Kiamichi Mountains.”

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  1. Chad W

    I spent most of my childhood and young adulthood in eastern Oklahoma and have family in west-central Arkansas. I’ve been to both of these Arkansas state parks, and camped and hiked numerous times in the Kiamichis in Oklahoma. All these areas are beautiful, but particularly rugged and heavily forested. If something goes wrong for you (especially in the very lightly-populated Kiamichis), it can go really wrong.

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