Sep 11

Approximate location: Bone Pit

Here is the approximate location of the bone pit from the show SC EP:468 The Devil’s Lettuce And Bigfoot. I asked Rick if it was ok to post. Looks really dense from Google Earth. Be safe!

Location Details:

45°05’38.98″ N 78°38’26.81″ W



14 Responses to “Approximate location: Bone Pit”

  1. Amy H

    I think you’d be crazy to go there if it’s indeed what the guest said.

    There’s an island in the pacific that has a tribe of people who will kill anyone stepping foot on it. No one goes there. It’s wise to heed the warning.

    Why would anyone go to a place in the woods where there are piles of bones along with Sasquatch activity? It sounded like this place was NOT for humans, at least the civilized kind. Heed the warning.

    • Danny G

      I went to the LBL by myself. I went to Taylor Mississippi by myself. I’ve been all over Oregon, Washington, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, and other states by myself looking.

      The last thing I’d worry about is Canadian Sasquatch

  2. Trent M

    A couple of month in the future……. “Hey has anyone heard from Danny G lately?… Just kiddin’ I’m sure you are already but just be careful in the woods alone, there are much worse things than bigfoot.

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