Dec 4

Alabama Bigfoot Society: Black Panther Sightings

Alabama Bigfoot Society writes “Video was recorded a few weeks ago, I apologize for my voice. New sighting reports we have received over the last few weeks.”

8 Responses to “Alabama Bigfoot Society: Black Panther Sightings”

  1. Bob B

    Black panther: not a mountain lion; a sub-species of jaguar. Sightings are quite common along and around the Buffalo River in Tennessee.

  2. Steven B

    The gentleman has some pretty interesting video and photos if you skip to the 17:45 mark. Got a laugh when he was doing some “rock clacking” and he gets hit with a rock.

  3. michael m

    Realy enjoyed this video .I have spoken to five eye witnesses who have seen black panthers in my and in my neighboring county here in Kentucky.I have also had reports of the tan panthers.I have witnessed tan panthers on two occations myself.Are Mt. lions,Cougers,andPanthers the same animal? And is there any case where panther ,couger,or Mt lion could produce a black cub?But there are panters here in KY.Thats a fact.Thanks wes for this video.

  4. Oliver R

    My understanding is cougar, mt. lion, and panther are same thing only with regional variations.
    Biologist claim they do not manifest a black coat ever.
    Jaguars do have a black variant with their spots buried in the back ground. They used to inhabit the southern boarder area. I have wondered if there had been inter breeding of jaguars and panthers allowing for black coat.
    Just speculation on how but no doubt it’s occurring.

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