Jun 27

A Wild Man On My Property

A listener writes “In March 2020, I signed the papers on a house in East Texas and moved out there from San Antonio. The house sits on 18 acres in the woods that back up to the Davy Crockett National Forest, which is a very wild area with some interesting history. There is no fence between the national forest and my land. My house was in bad shape when I bought it so I spent the pandemic fixing it up and getting the grounds in order.

One night in late September 2020 I was putting together my new couch after finally finishing the hardwood in my living room. I was alone in the house with my dog and had a few Maker’s Marks on the rocks, so I decided I was going to venture out into my 4-acre pasture at around 11pm. Up until that point I had been a little reluctant to go out there at night because the pasture grass was chest high and the guy who mowed my lawn had just mowed one little trail out to the woods through the tall pasture grass; so it had a Signs (Mel Gibson movie) vibe and it creeped me out. But that night, with a little liquid courage, I walked out through the pasture in the pitch dark with my dog. I felt really good about facing my fears until all of the sudden my dog sniffed toward the tall grass and woods, cowered behind my leg crying, and sprinted about 150 yards to the back door of my house and scratched to get in. Please understand that my dog is usually annoyingly protective of me. I’ve seen her face off against huge male dogs to try to protect me and it’s honestly a little nerve racking because she’s not that big. So when she sprinted back to the house without me I turned and ran too, the whole time thinking I was about to get picked off by something in the tall grass. I didn’t even have a landline phone at the time and no cell service or WiFi so I kept thinking I was just gonna disappear out there and never be heard from again. I made it back to the house and locked the door behind me; I was kind of embarrassed and chalked the whole thing up to being a spooked out city slicker.

In October 2020 my brother and I were walking out to the woods one night and saw a red glowing light in the woods off of my pasture. Near the red light we saw a huge shadowy figure walking along the treeline. My brother got really spooked and yelled that he was running back to the house to get his gun. I stayed out in the pasture and tried to talk to the figure because I thought it was local hunters coming onto my land and I didn’t want anything escalating. So I just yelled to the figure that it was alright and if he was tracking a deer onto my property feel free to continue on. By the time my brother came back the shadow figure was gone.

A few months later in late December 2020, during the week between Christmas and New Year, I was out in my newly mowed pasture turning on the fairy lights I hung in the trees out there. I had people coming out to camp on my land that night, so I was preparing the area for them. All of the sudden I got this unmistakable feeling that I was being watched and turned around to the tree line on the edge of the pasture where I saw a 7 to 8 foot hairy figure walking on two feet toward the national forest! I had an immediate urge to climb the tree next to me and started looking around for my dog, who unsurprisingly was scratching at my back door. Within about 3 seconds of me turning around, the thing looked toward me and took off running toward the forest. I heard it crashing through tree branches the whole way. I even heard it jump the creek (about 6 feet wide) and clearly land on two really heavy feet on the other side. After that, it was gone. Since then a few of my campers have complained about my “neighbors” walking around their tents at night. I only have one elderly neighbor and he would never come on my land.

I’ve also had three more situations since then where I felt like I was being watched and my dog ran away, and one time after getting creeped out and running home I found weird looking droppings on the trail the next morning (almost like something was taunting me). I honestly don’t know if what I saw was a Sasquatch, Dog Man, or what, because it was a little obscured by the tree line. But it was definitely 7-8 feet tall, hairy, and walking on two feet. And it sounded heavy. I got so creeped out by this situation last fall that I bought a house in San Antonio and moved back, closing up the forest house for the winter.

I asked my neighbor if he’d ever seen anything like this before and he told me that this is just “the hairy man” and he has always been around. My neighbor is a descendant of the family who bought all of the land on my road back in the early 1800s and the family is very insular (everyone on my road has the same last name except me). I guess they’ve accepted this hairy man as part of their lives. It might also be interesting to note that there was a long history of native american tribes on the land I live on now. My neighbor still finds arrow heads around.”

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  1. Candice W

    Crazy because we were on an expedition 2 weeks b4 ur incident in East Texas. 3 of us saw multiple sets of glowing red eyes Coming from up in a tree about a 100′ in front of us. We are sitting in complete talkness, Making weird sounds because we had gotten no activity at all that night. Yes we were there looking for the sasquatch. So I was very excited when I actually saw their eyes glowing red. Changed my Whole view on these MAGNIFICENT Beings..

  2. Charles R

    Well if the neighbors have embraced the hairy man, maybe you can also. Interesting in that Davey Crockett spent 2 or 3 months of his life in Texas and has a National Forest named after him. Back in Tennessee where he spent the majority of his life and became a legend, he only gets a State Park.

  3. m99

    Look forward to hearing this one. I have close friends who own a ranch across from one of the entrances to the Davy Crockett, down the highway from Lufkin. Once I spent a few nights at the ranch, but never got a minutes peace. It’s not like me to get spooked like that and I had no idea about the big guy back then. I left early. It wasn’t the serenity and alone time I’d been after. I cut it short and went home. My husband was hunting so I thought it’d be fun.

    • m99

      He was elsewhere with a group, not on the ranch or in Davy Crockett. My friends that owned it hadn’t moved there yet. She never said anything to me about BF.

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